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Donna Simmons' curriculum materials are so clear and accessible.

I often recommend them, both as a starting point for new parents who are just beginning to study Waldorf Ed., and to more seasoned homeschoolers looking for curriculum ideas. Donna's words are like an offer of a reassuring hand, to make me feel: 'I can do it' and to help me relax and know that my instincts are right.

She deeply understands developmental readiness, and her encouraging words have often helped me to observe my child with a fresh perspective, and to relax, knowing that I don't need to push the learning process ... Having Donna's books to refer to is like having a wry and witty best friend, just an arm's length away, ready to share her wisdom and encouragement.

Thea Bodger,
homeschooler and Waldorf early years teacher

We received our books this morning. They are absolutely fantastic.

We feel blessed to have come across your website under Waldorf homeschooling. Have always wanted to incorporate Steiner into our lives, but had no access to the school itself and found some Steiner books over my head/ hard to read. Everything in the books I have skimmed through rings so true and feels so right. They incorporate humor and give me all the ideas and info that I have been seeking in this technocratic world! Thank you so very much for these books.

Anneke and Craig

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your work.

I'm finding the whole homeschool thing very challenging, and one downfall of all this waldorf stuff for me is that I now have such high standards of how I want things to be. When things get hard, and I yell at the children, act like a child myself and totally lose it,(which is daily) I come back to your books, your audios and this forum [Waldorf at Home]. And now, as I read the books, I can sort of hear your voice and your intonations. I really like your sense of humour, and combination of common sense and yet strong opinions. Anyway, I just wanted you to know. Thank you.


Thank you SO much for your follow-up!

I did receive both the order and the audio download. I was so impressed with each and every item that I ordered and am anxious to listen to the audio download. In fact, I am going to use the Christopherus Curriculum with my daughter! What I have read, so far, answers a multitude of questions and fills so many gaps that I am experiencing with [another homeschool] curriculum.

Many, many thanks for providing such creative, thoughtful, fulfilling and practical ways to connect and teach my daughter! These resources truly exceed my expectations! (I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the schedule provided with each block, as well as the blocks, themselves.) THANK YOU!

Jennifer Moore

You make homeschooling do-able.

Reflecting back on all the wonderful Christopherus works that I own, Joyful Movement, the overview, the nature book, form drawing, the Kindergarten book, the drawing book, several of your second grade materials (animal legends and the math book), and now Living Language, I just wanted to send another big thank you to Donna and the entire Christopherus gang.

Two years ago we started our homeschooling journey with Enki and I was overwhelmed! I loved the story materials, but the guidance was very lacking. Without Donna's materials I would have never figured out how to use the wonderful Enki stories. (and I'm a self-educated, intelligent gal! I just didn't have the time to wade through all those binders and binders of resources and read through the vast amount of theory. And I lacked the teaching experience to be able to turn all that theory into something useable and do-able).

I find Donna's take on Waldorf, homeschooling, and unschooling echoes my own very closely, and so I find comfort in her practical, down-to-earth guidance. She has helped me to be able to navigate our own course on our homeschooling journey. I just want to make sure she knows how much I appreciate these materials, and the heart and soul that she and her entire family have poured into them. Thank you so very much.

Ohio, USA

I just placed an order.

I was trying to get along without ordering Saints and Heroes and 2nd Grade Mathematics, using the many other resources that I have, but I was realizing that I was missing your voice, conciseness and direction. I constantly struggle with the balance of unschooling and getting in the Waldorf framework. Your books make me feel like I can check off certain Waldorf principles balancing it with our natural family rhythms and my interests.


I found Christopherus a couple of weeks ago and it has been such a blessing.

I think I read nearly every word on your website in the first few days! I've listened to several of your audio downloads. Your voice is so calming and reassuring, to say nothing of the helpful content.

All I can say is that I feel inspired and empowered, in a word, nurtured, in my role as a mother and as a woman. I felt myself exhale. I hadn't realized I was holding my breath! It was like 'oh my god, somebody out there gets me. Somebody out there knows what I'm trying to do better than I do and she's done it, AND she's willing to share her insight and wisdom!'

Thank you! Thank you!
Most sincerely,


I can't tell you what your work has meant in my life, and I can't imagine my life without the many gifts of Christopherus.

The Overview, especially, has been my guide since the day I first held it in my hands, and although we drift off to this and that, it's the backbone of what I do here at the Egan Family Homeschool. How can I ever thank you?

I listened to the therapeutic talk yesterday and it was so interesting, and then, at the end, you said a sentence that knocked me off my feet and made me remember why I chose Waldorf and why it's healing "powers" are so important in this day and age. My youngest daughter is "gifted" (whatever that means) and is nowhere near appropriately incarnated into her body. That's what happens when you let in-laws and "experts" and fear lead you astray from what you know is truth. Thank goodness for your voice of reason Donna. You help me in more ways than I can ever express.

And as to the Overview, when I'm feeling a little overwhelmed I often just flop it open and pick a phrase or sentence that will inspire me in that moment. This trick has *never* failed me. Never.

As you know, I love to buy your books - for myself, as gifts, and for any reason I can think of! I will continue to support Christopherus this way as long as I can. I couldn't do it without you.


I'm absolutely thrilled with the books that I've purchased from you!

We are into our Language Arts block, and Madison, my six year old, is loving every minute of the Prince's adventure with the Wise Woman. I am too. This is the most creative and fun way to learn! Maddie asked me today on her way down the hall......."Mom how does a "j" go again?"......and then before she turned the the most satisfied voice she said, " never mind, I know, the jester."

My husband is in school full time right now, and very busy with his studies. Maddie can't wait to show him, when he comes home, her latest pictures in her main lesson book. She's so proud of what she's learned and of her artwork.

It feels so rewarding to watch her shine like this. As I've shared with you before, we are new to the Waldorf approach, and I am continually grateful that we've found it, and you. What a difference your books have brought to our home. We love circle time so much more now that we've been using the Joyful Movement book. My two year old son and four year old daughter join in singing and clapping.
Many, many thanks for all your hard work!

Mary G.


  The Journey Begins At Home: A Waldorf Early Years Guide (Donna Simmons) PDF download
The Journey Begins At Home: A Waldorf Early Years Guide


A warmth-filled guide to early years parenting.

400 pages, PDF download ebook
Downloads are available as soon as checkout is complete.


Product Code: CHREB001


Arising from eight years' worth of intimate and lively conversations on Donna's yahoo group and then internet forum, this book is unlike any other. Largely based in a Question & Answer format, Donna and her circle of wise and supportive colleagues help parents work their way through a myriad of challenges, joys and questions that confront everyone during their first years of parenting. From what to expect from developmental changes throughout the early years to understanding the root cause of most discipline problems (and how to find creative responses!), the wisdom in this book is a great gift to all parents interested in what a Waldorf perspective can offer during the early years. Though most of the riches in this book are inspired by the words of parents who homeschooled (if only part of the time), it is of relevance to all parents with children from birth through seven years of age.

Donna carefully gleaned through the archives from her forum and pulled out a wealth of questions from parents, comments and advice to help parents find their way. Although Donna was mindful in disguising and condensing contributions so that the privacy of ex-forum members has been preserved, she has been equally painstaking at maintaining the warmth, humor, kindness and enthusiasm that lived so palpably on her forum as she re-wrote the various threads and discussions, putting them, for the most part, in her own words. Now that the forum is closed, such wisdom would have otherwise been lost. For more about how this book came to be written, please click here.

This whopping 400 page book covers all the bases of early childhood, offering practical Waldorf-based support from one mother to another. Many voices contributed to this work and there are therefore numerous different approaches to questions of, for instance, potty training, the family bed and creating the "Waldorf home". Such an approach enriches what is presented as there is, of course, no one right way in parenting! Scattered throughout the book are also a number of articles written by Donna on subjects such as childcare and first grade readiness. Donna also prefaces each section with commentary, drawing from her 25+ years' experience as a Waldorf teacher, youth worker, parent educator and parent.

In recognition of the financial challenges that many parents face, we are offering this book as an ebook which you can print out or read on your computer. Please help us ensure that copies are not distributed, thus enabling our small home-based company to continue its work. This book is also a component of our Early Years Package. Downloads are available as soon as checkout is complete. Please note that downloaded products cannot be returned and therefore are not eligible for refund.

REVIEW: Praise For Christopherus Early Years Book

Have you sometimes wished you could be part of a safe and caring circle of wise, experienced mothers, with whom you could share anything and ask any question you might have as a parent?

This remarkable book, The Journey Begins at Home: A Waldorf Early Years Guide by Donna Simmons is created in such an atmosphere. Donna has guided discussion groups and forums on line in which she shared wits and wisdom from her over 25 years experience in working with children and parents. Up until the publishing of this ebook, these conversations have only been available to few. The intimate, honest conversations that Donna facilitated are now publicly available in The Journey Begins at Home. This book is an invaluable contribution which Donna Simmons has gifted the world with.

The ebook is easy to navigate through. A variety of subjects are presented, questions are asked followed by comments from the discussion group participants. The questions asked come from real people, with real children, in real life situations and therefore the dialog that follows is as real, loving, warm, direct, clear and practical as it can get. Every question you may have about young children appears to be answered in this extraordinary ebook - every gray area, it seems, is brought to the light. And it is done with such compassion and understanding. The responses from Donna come from a sincere, deep inner listening. Her comments are more than simple advice. She penetrates each subject and question with such warmth and clarity only years of experience can give. There is absolutely no finger pointing, guilt trips, dogmas or theories. One participant summed up Donna's comments to her questions, "Your response made me laugh at my self....Thank you for describing how exactly to do what I would like to do."

The first chapter of this remarkable ebook is a tribute to A Mother's Path, honoring especially a "mother's commitment to examining herself and working, seemingly endlessly, on her own personal development." Following Donna's short introduction is a dialog between the participants focusing on the role of the mother today. This lovely format is continued through out the book so that each chapter focuses on a specific topic.

This ebook is an incredible wealth of useful content for all mothers, mothers-to-be, fathers, grandparents and other caretakers of children. Luckily, it will never be sold out, because it is an ebook!

Anne-Marie Fryer Wiboltt
Waldorf Early Childhood and Class Teacher
WECAN (Waldorf Early Childhood in North America) regional representative

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