5th Grade

  • Managing Main Lessons with Multiples: 5th and 7th grade combined unit on China

    Posted by Christopherus

    By Barbara Benson There are times in the main lessons scheduled throughout the grades when combining a main lesson for multiple ages is actually ideal. One of these times is the unit study on Ancient China, highlighted in the Fifth…

  • Tone Drawing

    Posted by Christopherus

    TONE DRAWING for 4th and 5th grade Tone drawing was a favorite artistic activity of all of my children. I incorporated it into our natural science work ( Man and Animal/Zoology and Botany) in 4th and 5th grades. My inspiration…

  • Gettin’ in the 5th Grade Groove!

    Posted by Christopherus

    One of the things that I love the most about the work I do is having the privilege of going back through the entire Waldorf grades curriculum one year at a time and “living” each grade, one year at a…

  • Help with Painting

    Posted by Christopherus

    by Donna Simmons Something which appeals to many people new to Waldorf education but which also fills them with dread is wet on wet watercolor painting. The colors are so vibrant and it is clearly a healthy and nurturing activity…

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