Please understand that as Christopherus is no longer a ‘full service business’ with customer service, it is possible you will receive a generic response to your inquiry. We no longer have staff to give the personal attention we used to pride ourselves on. We hope that customers and friends will understand that as we struggle to reconfigure Christopherus, things have changed. We respectfully ask that people be patient with us and as much as possible trouble-shoot and investigate independently. Having said all that…do contact us!



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Many thanks to Geri Shonka (a Waldorf mom here in Viroqua) for our  logo and to Ted Mahle for his kind permission to make use of his veil painting, Archetypal Blue, in the logo.

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Christopherus is down-sizing - no customer care, no refunds or returns.

The Bookstore will be closed until January 15th 2018. Newly reconfigured syllabus, new curriculum and more PDFs will be available then.

Read about these changes HERE.

Sales through our Bookstore are suspended from 20 October 2017 to 15 Jan 2018. You will not be able to place any orders during this time. Dismiss