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Middle Grades Science Forum

three month subscription to a consultation forum with Donna Simmons

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  • Format: Webinar
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This unique  forum begins Monday March 20, 2017 and will run indefinitely.
The cost will be $15 for 3 months unlimited forum correspondence.
This will be a group experience, a group sharing, so not every single question will be answered by Donna. But she will be there to ensure that people get what they need to be successful at home with the subjects they are working on.
Some things we might do together:
  • Work together on some Goethean exercises.
  • Discuss various aspects of Goethean science such as development of the senses and 'letting the phenomena speak for itself' and doing exercises to enhance this
  • Troubleshoot for those currently teaching science to their children
  • Prepare and study with members including those who don't have a middle grades child yet discuss conventional approaches to science and how and when it might be appropriate to engage with them
  • Put science teaching into a historical context to join it up with history teaching
  • Consider and examine the developmental implications of the Waldorf science curriculum
  • Work out how one might make MLBs or other appropriate recrds of study
  • Share strategies on how to deal with siblings during science teaching!
  • Membership in Waldorf at Home Forum is included

The Forum is open to anyone with interest and would be great for those who are planning to teach middle grade science this year, next year or sometime in the future!


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