Mathematics Guidebook contains the following:

  • goals and overview of 5th grade math;
  • topics such as making a schedule, using manipulatives, making a math notebook, using a calculator, looking toward sixth grade;
  • teaching advice;
  • ideas for hands-on and active math;
  • discussion of this year’s work with the 4 processes, measurement, fractions, decimals, number journeys and word problems;
  • guides to the use of the various Key To workbooks;
  • several reproducible blackline masters, timed drill sheets and pages of practice problems.
  • 27 pages; 8 tear-out worksheets, 8½x11, spiral bound.

Important note for non-US customers: To order Fifth Grade Mathematics with metric measurement components for math (instead of standard US measurements) be sure to choose the Metric Option HERE.

Fifth Grade Mathematics Bundle

Everything you need for 5th grade arithmetic

by Donna Simmons


Math Guide and 6 Key To Workbooks

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  • Format: Bundle
  • Product code: CHRB0025

Fifth Grade Mathematics Bundle includes:

  • Fifth Grade Mathematics Guide by Donna Simmons
  • Key To Fractions 3 Workbook
  • Key To Fractions 4 Workbook
  • Key To Decimals 1 Workbook
  • Key To Decimals 2 Workbook
  • Key To Decimals 3 Workbook
  • Key To Measurement 4 Workbook

This math curriculum includes all the arithmetic lessons one will need for the year, including 6 Key To workbooks on fractions and measurement. Those wishing to use Metric instead of American measurement should purchase the Metric Option HERE. The metric system will be introduced to American children in our 6th grade mathematics curriculum. For now, US families should choose the non-metric version.


Additional Key To Workbooks and Answer Keys:

Those of you who did not use our materials last year (Fourth Grade Mathematics) need to determine whether you need Key To Measurement, Books 1 and 2 (US or Metric versions) and Key To Fractions, Books 1 and 2 in addition to the Key To workbooks included in the bundle.

Key To Fractions, Book 1 - is a very basic workbook suitable for children who have done no work at all with fractions or who need more review than Book 2 provides.

Key To Fractions, Book 2 - begins with a short review of basic concepts and then moves on to multiplying and dividing fractions. There is also a section on factors.

Key To Measurement Book 1 - If your child has done very little measurement work, especially hands-on work, you need this book.

Key To Measurement Book 2 - The book begins with a brief review of measurement concepts, then focuses on changing from one unit to another - e.g. feet to yards in the American book and meters to centimeters in the metric book. Area and perimeter are covered in both.

This year we also sell Answer Keys. Some of you might be a bit rusty or need a quick way to correct your child's work. The Answer Keys overlap and some cover books we do not use this year. This is unfortunate but is how Key To designed them.

Please note: this bundle is a component of the Christopherus Fifth Grade Curriculum Package but also stands completely on its own for those not using the full curriculum. The additional Key To workbooks are components of the Christopherus Fourth Grade Curriculum Package and the Fourth Grade Mathematics Bundle.

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