The 2nd Grade Mathematics book includes:

  •  4 main lesson blocks focused on review from last year;
  • Going from horizontal to vertical;
  • Even and odd numbers;
  • Introducing all 12 times tables;
  • Place value;
  • Carrying and borrowing (regrouping).


Your Math Book Is An Organized, Artful, Heartful

Just as I was feeling really uncentered….feeling like “I can’t do this”…your math & animal books arrived. I’ve been reading your math book…it’s just what I’ve wanted – an organized, centered, artful, heartful, logical presentation. I’m re-energized and inspired… feeling much calmer. Thank you! I am REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to your third grade curriculum this spring!




Second Grade Mathematics

A full year of main lesson, practice lesson and Circle Time math for 2nd grade. Includes painting lessons and full color pictures.

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  • Format: Book
  • Extent: 60 pages
  • Dimensions: 8½ x 11, spiral bound
  • Product code: CHR0016

The 2nd grade math curriculum can be used either as part of the full Christopherus 2nd grade curriculum or by those who mix and match from various sources. While it builds upon the "squirrel math" stories from the Christopherus First Grade Syllabus, we have provided bridging stories so that parents can readily switch over to our continuing math story regardless of what they used for first grade.

There are enough games, movement exercises and ideas to ensure that your child is actively engaged in his or her exploration of mathematics throughout second grade.

Full color pictures are included. Some are ideas for the parent's blackboard work, others show how main lesson book pages might look. There is a section on painting geometric shapes using wet-on-wet watercolor painting which includes full instructions and full color illustrations of the paintings.

An exploration of the Waldorf second grade math curriculum with outlined goals and advice on teaching and organizing your child's math lessons is included. Throughout the book you will find further teaching tips as well as ideas for proceeding with either faster or slower students.

For how this 2nd grade math book fits into the progress of math in the Christopherus Curriculum, see The Christopherus Curriculum - Mathematics.

Please note: this volume is a component of the Christopherus 2nd Grade Curriculum Package but also stands completely on its own for those not using the full curriculum.

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