Your Talk Has Filled Me With Positive Feelings

Thank you so much for the wonderful talk the Third Grade audio download. It has filled me with positive feelings for the coming year with my nine year old. I have been homeschooling for 3 years as a Waldorf inspired parent but I have always struggled with a sense that I was not doing enough for her – my idealism and sometimes the concerns of friends who are Waldorf teachers has weighed heavily on me and made it hard to teach with lightness and joy. Your approach to the curriculum has freed me from the weight of past years – I look forward to a long and rewarding journey of learning with you.



Third Grade Audio

by Donna Simmons


  • Format: Audio download
  • Product code: AUDIO8073

The Nine Year Change and how this stage of development is met by the Waldorf curriculum. Downloads are available as soon as checkout is complete.


  • building
  • farming
  • math
  • music
  • movement and more!

Also, how parenting changes during this year.


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