Seventh Grade

The Christopherus Curriculum: A Guide to the Seventh Grade

In many ways 7th grade can be characterized as the year of looking ahead. Finally able to call themselves teens, thirteen-year old-children (who rarely accept being called such) are chomping at the bit, ready to join the world. Their horizons are expanding and every day can be full of wonders.

Yet this sense of wonder must not be only the naïve and open-eyed sense of wonder that is so important for younger children. Such moments should exist for 7th graders, but, in general, wonder needs to be experienced as a growing sense for the richness, complexity and unending beauty of our world, including the works of man.

This is the year when we travel to Africa, Asia and South and Central America in geography. Following on from main lessons devoted to exploring the land and cultures of such vastly differing parts of the world, we turn to a study of the Renaissance and into the Enlightenment. New frontiers in science, religion, art, exploration and human relationships emerged as human evolution turned the corner toward modern consciousness.

In science the children focus on chemistry, astronomy and human physiology. In English, the first lessons in bringing consciousness to writing as writing occur. This is an exciting year in mathematics as well, when algebra and geometric proofs are explored. Interesting math topics such as the Fibonacci series are studied.

Here is a list of our Seventh Grade materials:

Rough Guide to Seventh Grade: Click to download the guide.

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7th Grade Checklist: Click here to print out a 7th grade checklist in PDF format.

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Putting It All Together

Our Waldorf Curriculum Overview and our science book, From Nature Stories to Natural Science are both essential guides to help you create your child’s seventh grade Waldorf-inspired homeschool experience. Our Seventh & Eighth Grade at home audio download is also crucial.

Although the Curriculum Overview spans 1st through 8th grade, leaving parents wondering if it is worth purchasing it for 7th and 8th grades, it will help put what you are doing into a larger context. This is especially important if you are new to homeschooling or Waldorf education. The book is out-of-date in terms of its references to our own publications (since writing it we have created a full grade 1-5 curriculum) but in terms of the nitty-gritty “how do I do this” and critically, “why do I do this” questions, it is the only resource of its kind available.


Our Medieval History book is where many of you will start with history unless you tackled it in 6th grade.

Two important resources for the stories and outline of the history covered in 7th grade are Charles Kovacs’ The Age of Discovery and The Age of Revolution. There is some overlap with 6th grade with the first title and with 8th grade with the second.


A Year of Astronomy (available Fall 2017)
Seventh Grade Chemistry: The Four Elements (available late Fall 2017)
Human Physiology (available late Fall 2017/winter 2018)


Language Arts

This year’s Language Arts curriculum brings a new element of awareness and purposefulness to your child’s writing. We offer both a Waldorf teacher’s guide to composition and creative writing, The Art and Science of Teaching Composition and a more structured conventional approach of Writing for 100 Days. Both books are highly recommended though the latter might be more suitable for 8th grade.


Our offerings for math and geometry for 7th grade are extensive and choosing is potentially somewhat complex. We offer a guide, Mathematics in Nature, Space and Time written by Australian Waldorf teacher John Blackwood, and recommend a selection of workbooks from McGraw Hill Education, Key To workbooks. We have put 7th and 8th grade together because each child learns at a different pace and each of you will need to be able to make a different selection! View our guide to Key To workbooks.

Two other vital components of your child’s 7th grade education are Learning about the World through Modeling and Painting in Waldorf Education. These books are necessary for a proper Waldorf orientation to your 7th grade program and scale 1st through 8th grade. If you don’t have them already, now’s your chance!

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