Sixth Grade

Christopherus Curriculum: A Guide to 6th Grade

After the light-filled grace of 11 years of age, 12-year-olds seem heavy, sullen and earth-bound. When looking at a group of 11-year-olds and 12-year-olds one is struck by the beauty in proportion of the former, and the sudden gangliness and heaviness of the latter children.

The 6th grade Waldorf curriculum speaks to the earthiness, the materialism, of 12-year-old children by emphasizing Roman history, physics, business math, geology and the beginnings of logical thought in disciplines such as geometry.

The pragmatism of the Romans finds echo in the 6th grader’s soul. And her budding powers of thought are stretched by a rigorous and disciplined approach to subjects such as science. The material world is studied, both in terms of geology and physics. A main lesson in mechanics is also appropriate during this time.

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Our Waldorf Curriculum Overview and From Nature Stories to Natural Science are essential guides for Waldorf at home.  And of course the Sixth Grade Audio download is also crucial.

Our Roman History guide is necessary for your Roman history main lesson and provides specific lesson materials, art projects, teaching advice and more.

It is probably best if you work your way through medieval history in 6th grade as the goal is to get to modern times in 8th grade – and that’s a lot of history to cover! But, many people leave the Middle Ages until 7th grade. If you do plan on covering this period of history in 6th grade, have a look at our Medieval History guide.

Like our Roman History materials, this book helps you plan your lessons; gives lots of teaching advice and generally helps you keep on track with a subjects that can quickly grow beyond what one might have planned!

For science this year, we offer two main lessons in physics, the first on the phenomena of heat, sound, color and light; the second on simple machines. See our Physics for more information.

An exciting new addition to our publications is our Earth Science materials a holistic resource for exploring geology, the ocean, weather and biomes. It comprises a Student Workbook and a Teacher’s Guide.

Note: our Christopherus science materials are sequential and it is imperative that one precedes a study of earth science by working one’s way through physics. Note also that our earth science book is purposely written to have lessons for younger students (6th and 7th grade) as well as older students (8th and 9th grade). Please read more about our Christopherus Science Curriculum.

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