First Grade

The Christopherus First Grade Curriculum

First grade is an exciting year — the dreamy sense of oneness with the world that is the birthright of all tiny children is starting to fade and the child is becoming his or her own person. It is time to wake up, to start to stretch his artistic sensibilities, to bring consciousness and awareness to what he does and to begin to engage the intel­lect. But gradually, very gradually. As I say elsewhere in this syllabus, it is time to ask the question, “How do I help this child fit into (incarnate into) his body?” That is the challenge of first grade. More, perhaps, than in subsequent grades, first grade must be experienced by your child as a unity. She must feel that he is beginning a journey but not that a host of new things are being thrust upon her. Use this syllabus as a guide and please always remember that in writing it, we can seem to be presenting “one correct way”. And not only that, but because we have to split up the subjects so as to explain them to you, they can seem like a series of unrelated things to do. This is not the case. We leave it to you to draw the subjects together, to go beyond the seeming divisions created by schedules, and create a coherent experience for your child. We begin, with the first main lesson of the year, with the theme of “School Readi­ness”. These two weeks are devoted to form drawing, lessons which will help your child become aware of himself in relation to his work. Beginning handwork in these weeks also brings form and consciousness to your child, helping to gently awaken him from his kindergarten sleepiness to a readiness for school work and formal learning. Throughout the year, subjects such as form drawing, handwork, modeling and painting enhance and strengthen not only the child’s artistic sensibilities, but her burgeoning sense of grasping and forming his world. To be able to think and act creatively in the world requires flexibility, foresight and the right balance between planning and spontaneity. Artistic and craft work develop these qualities. We base our weekly schedule on a 4 day week. The weeks add up to a 31 week year. This gives lots of time for holiday preparation, outings and other important activities which complement and extend a rich first grade at home. This is the only Waldorf-inspired 1st grade curriculum available written by someone who has not only been involved with Waldorf all her life as a student, teacher and parent, but is a homeschooler as well! Continue reading about the First Grade Curriculum

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