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CHR amazon bookstoreIn our various publications we mention many, many book titles. You can, of course, get many of these from your local public library or friendly neighborhood bookstore.
If you would like to purchase any of these from Amazon, Christopherus Homeschool Resources will receive a small percentage of the amount you spend. We hope you find this useful.

Remember – to purchase our own publications you will need to go to the Bookstore on this website.


At present we have the following categories:

Early Years Read Alouds
Homemaking, Family Life & Festivals
2nd Grade Curriculum
3rd Grade Curriculum
4th Grade Curriculum
Math Games & Activities
Great Books: 7 to 8
Great Books: 9 to 11
Great Books: 12 and up
Great Books: 12 to 14
Great Books: 15 and up
Art, Crafts & Handwork
Waldorf Education
Donna’s Favorites

Do bear in mind that the ‘Similar Items’ bar which comes up on the right hand side consists of Amazon’s book recommendations, not ours! We also apologize for the fact that Amazon’s navigation bar is a little funky… You have to be on a category page to be able to see what all the sub-categories are.

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