New Talks: Fifth Grade and Unschooling & Waldorf

We’ve added a couple more talks (audio downloads in MP3 format) to the growing list of one-hour talks by Donna on a range of subjects relevant to Waldorf homeschooling and conscious parenting:
Unschooling and Waldorf  is an in-depth discussion on how unschooling and Waldorf views on the child and learning differ, and implications for how we parent and teach our children at home. This talk complements the Changing Face of Discipline talk particularly well.
Fifth Grade covers the harmony and balance expressed by the fifth grade curriculum; viewing geometry, Greek mythology and history, and botany as flowing out of each other; geography; math; language arts; and the vast Ancient Mythologies block. Working with themes instead of blocks.
It seems like this downloadable MP3 file format is working well for people. One unlooked for bonus has been the positive effect on recalcitrant husbands who haven’t wanted to read anything about Waldorf education/parenting/homeschooling but are very happy to listen!
The downloads all last one hour and cost only $12 each: find them here.
— Paul

Posted on August 22, 2006 in News

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