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Early this November (2006) we decided to close our very successful yahoo discussion list and open a Forum instead. Several factors contributed to this decision, the main ones being that the day to day questions about Waldorf homeschooling were being amply met by a number of yahoo lists and I wanted something more. How could I find the right vehicle to share my expertise, to make a warm and friendly environment and to serve both newbies and older hands?
The answer came by setting up a Forum – and I am excited to report that it is exceeding my expectations! It is divided into a number of sub forums, ranging from Early Years to High School, from Personal Growth to the Waldorf Home. So far conversations have been spread quite evenly between those about the needs of older children and the needs of little ones. There is room for chat – we have swapped cranberry sauce recipes and people have the space to say hello and network with other parents.
We also have room for in-depth discussion – how do I find the strength to be a parent and a homeschooler? What might I do to renew myself as an individual and as a parent? There has been a level of openness and warmth shared that was not possible on the yahoo group and has brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion.
Another exciting feature of the Forum is that we are undertaking some study as well – and as the Forum is divided into sub forums, this can be done in one section (usually in the Waldorf Philosophy and Anthroposophy sub forum) off on its own so people can choose to get involved or not – and lurkers are warmly welcome! So far we have read one piece together. We read “The Art of Thinking: Helping Students Develop their Faculties of Thinking and Observations” by Craig Holdrege of the Nature Institute. Though not everyone on the list has older children, an article like this is relevant to everyone as it is about thinking – and about working with anthroposophical ideas on expanding the possibilities of thinking and observation.
One of the nice things about the Forum is that things don’t date, don’t get passed by – anyone who now chooses to join can read the article and the discussion we had – and can even choose to post and carry on the discussion! There’s no particular reason to close it!
We will next look at a short piece on renewal of the teacher; then perhaps a series of verses and a discussion on dreams during the Holy Nights for those who connect with this time of year; then a longer study of Manfred Schmidt Brabant’s Spiritual Task of the Homemaker (15% off the book from Bob & Nancy if you tell them you are joining our conversation); and then another article following that, this one by Michaela Gloeckler on “Education of the Will as the Wellspring of Morality.”
So I hope you will join us! One of the other reasons I set this Forum up is because I cannot keep up with the demand for consultations that come my way. My hope is that on this Forum I will be so involved and busy with it, giving long and deep answers to people’s questions, that it will provide an alternative for at least some of the consulting needs people have. And that is why I charge for this new Forum – so that I can dedicate the time needed  to making it a priceless resource for Waldorf homeschoolers. The cost is low – $15 for 3 months, $50 for a year. Come and have a look! Three of the sub forums are open to anyone with no charge and you can have a look at the threads for free so you get a good idea of what we’ve been talking about. If you do decide to join us, don’t forget to read the FAQ’s (actually you can do that before you join) so you know how to get the most from the Forum.

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