Three New Audio Downloads

Over the New Year Donna has recorded three more one-hour talks that are available as downloadable MP3 files (costing $12 each):

Seventh/Eighth Grade   

“Though the essentials of these two grades are quite different, there is a lot of overlap and possibility for flexibility between them. Donna discusses various strategies and goals for these grades.”

The Importance of Sleep   

“Tips, ideas and advice on how to get your child to go to sleep easily at and early hour (whether you have a family bed or not) and why this is so vital for her health and wellbeing. For those with babies as well as those with older children who might have sleep issues.”

Why Waldorf? Why Homeschool?   

“For anyone new to Waldorf or new to homeschooling or who needs a pep talk. Also suitable for in-laws, grandparents, relatives, therapists and friends who need more information about the choices your family has made.”

See the Audio Downloads page for details of all Donna’s other talks.

— Paul


Posted on January 9, 2007 in News

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