Christopherus Full Gr 1 – 8 Curriculum

Arising from the spirit of flexibility and practicality which characterizes Christopherus Homeschool Resources, our new full curriculum will be designed to suit both the homeschooler who wants a complete curriculum as well as those who wish to purchase pieces separately.
Our experience as homeschoolers, Donna’s lifelong involvement with Waldorf education, our therapeutic experience and our commitment to anthroposophy enables us to bring you a rich, inspiring and doable curriculum. As Donna has taught at the pre-k, grades and high school level at several Waldorf schools as well as having homeschooled her now 14 and 16 year old sons, she is in the unique position to guide parents through the Waldorf curriculum and Waldorf pedagogy, explaining and translating the school experience to the home experience.
As with our other materials, our curriculum will have a lively and warm “voice”, helping you feel that Donna is talking directly to you, encouraging and supporting you as you create the right homeschool for your particular family situation.
Each year’s curriculum will be a full curriculum – not a guide and not simply focused on main lessons. There will be full lessons for all the language arts, math, science, history/mythology main lessons plus a full year’s worth of specific lessons and ideas for handwork, crafts, painting, drawing, modeling, form drawing, music, movement and games, cooking and other lessons as appropriate. In the grades where it is appropriate, there will also be “practise lessons” in math and language arts.
There will be an emphasis on art, with full color drawings and paintings in all volumes which will include “pictures in steps” – drawings and paintings in stages and with instructions so that people can understand how they were created. We are determined that this curriculum will not be intimidating and many alternatives, compromises and gentle possibilities will also be explored so that no parent feels inadequate when trying to work with our materials!
As with our other publications, there will be plenty of discussion of teaching strategies; goals and expectations; how to cater to slower or faster children; alternatives to main lesson books; discussion of the deeper aspects of the curriculum so parents can understand why something is done; and always, always, practical advise designed from a homeschooler to homeschoolers so parents can use these materials around, despite, with and because of whatever family situation arises!
For each grade several sections of the curriculum will be available for purchase separately. These will be books like our Unit Studies – Main Lessons at Home Series. For those purchasing the full curriculum, further instructions on how to use these books will appear and a larger plan of how to integrate them into the flow of the year will be explained. And so, for instance, in second grade, two language arts books will be available (one is already available – Saints & Heroes). The full curriculum will contain not only the other two language arts books  but will also give complete instructions for those wishing to build up a sequential LA plan for the year. This will include reference to LA work in non LA main lessons such as science (nature stories in second grade).
Our Plan:
September 2007
Second Grade math book (for all second gr math main lessons plus practise lessons – ie Circle Time for this grade)
Animal Legends (language arts book)
(Saints & Heroes, second grade language arts already available from our Bookstore)
Winter 2007
Third Grade Old Testament stories book
Spring/Summer 2008
Full Second Grade curriculum
Full third grade curriculum
We will proceed from there with some individual books released as we progress through the grades. Our plan is to have full 4th and 5th grade curriculums available by 2009. Then we will progress with the Middle School Years which are rather more involved.
At some point we will also create high school materials as Donna teaches at a Waldorf high school and is keen to put these together!

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