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We received the following notice from our friend and fellow homeschooler Lucie Smoker. Please everyone, remove Wonder Ranch from your links pages so that people don’t get misled by this person who has done this. Poor Lucie – she is a person with great integrity and this must be very painful for her.

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Dear Fellow Holistic Educators,
It is with sadness that I have to inform you that the site of my former blog has been taken over by a person who is using both my former screen name, "wonderactivist," and my blogname "Homeschool Diary" and they are listing a link to a fake "Update from Wonder Ranch" in the sidebar. 
I have to warn you that this person has no connection to me, is apparently seeking profit from my former readers, and is encouraging clicks to other fake blogs which could contain malicious codes. 
I apologize that in taking down my web work, I did not even consider that someone would do this – I made no effort to protect the old blog.   I did, however, go to lengths to protect the Wonder Homeschool and Wonder Ranch Homeschool names and my website’s domain.  I also turned down offers to buy my content and domain – I have seen other sites sell only to find porn or other ghastly scams take over their site. 
I have kept and retired the Mothering, and Yahoo mail versions of the "wonderactivist" address, but anyone can start a "wonderactivist" user on a different mail server and apparently is more likely to do so than I thought.
Please pass on the blog information to fellow holistic homeschoolers – either personally or on other lists – and ask them to remove the domain wonderactivist(dot)blogspot(dot)com from their blog listings for your mutual safety.  Thanks a million!
Our family is doing well, and just mostly offline for the summer and I hope to catch up with the online community this fall using a more private screen name. 
Warm wishes to everyone,
who’s WAY behind on fall planning

Posted on July 30, 2007 in News

  • Sumiyeh Aboosaiedi says:

    Is there an active weblog or otherwise site to read posts, ideas, inspirations from Lucy Smoker? I did in fact see for a while that her site was “down” and then never got onto it again? Pity, I enjoyed it a great deal.

  • donna simmons says:

    ‘Fraid not – she’s dismantling everything except for the curriculum reviews – some friends of hers are taking that on. I don’t know their address off-hand.

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