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We are currently working on a full Waldorf-inspired homeschool curriculum for second grade: this will be available Summer 2008 (along with the third grade curriculum). So what to do if you’ve got a second grader in your family now?!

Many of you who used our First Grade Syllabus last year or who are keen to transfer over to using the Christopherus Curriculum might need a bit of help figuring out second grade. This year (2007) is our transition year as we develop and implement our new curriculum. We will have enough ready for use this year that those of you with second graders will be able to feel that you have much of the material you need.

At the beginning of September 2007 we will publish the math component of the 2nd grade curriculum, along with one of the language arts blocks (Animal Legends). We already have available another 2nd grade language arts block: Saints and Heroes.

The math book covers all main lessons and practice sessions in 2nd grade.

Then …

If you have our First Grade Syllabus, you can use it as a foundation for second grade. If you have not used the First Grade Syllabus last year, we strongly suggest you consider purchasing it as it will give you a framework for transitioning to our new materials. Our second grade math book (available first week of September 2007) builds on what was presented for first grade though we should stress that we have written it to be usable by those who didn’t work with our First Grade Syllabus.

You can use the First Grade Syllabus as the basis for science, recorder, crafts and handwork. Second grade is very similar to first grade – the real change comes in third grade. Use it for lessons you might have missed in first grade and for ideas for further work. Read further books listed in the First Grade Syllabus for second grade nature stories and do similar activities as those suggested. Knit a second lamb as a gift or knit it in a different color to be a companion for the first lamb.

The suggestions for word families can form the basis of much of your language arts work with your child. And use Saints and Heroes and the upcoming Animal Legends language arts books for further lessons. In Saints and Heroes there are ideas for additional language arts blocks.

In addition to the First Grade Syllabus, don’t forget Joyful Movement and Form Drawing for Beginners! Use the former as the basis for your child’s movement times and the latter covers the second grade form drawing syllabus.

Remember that the sections in the First Grade Syllabus on teaching, storytelling and painting as well as planning and making schedules largely hold true for second grade.

Other useful publications for second grade:

From Nature Stories to Natural Science
The Waldorf Curriculum Overview
Living Language
Drawing with Your 4 to 11 Year Old

Our three plays

And our audio download on second grade will give you a good overview of the entire year, including questions around parenting the 8 year old.

The complete Second Grade Curriculum will be available Summer 2008.

The complete Third Grade Curriculum will also be available Summer 2008.

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