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Christopherus is growing! Our work is expanding and deepening on a number of different fronts – I would lie to share one of these possibilities with you.
We are currently exploring the possibility of hosting a Early Years Family Camp in Wisconsin this June. This would be a pilot to see how well the site suits the work, how the camp works and what the needs of families are. This pilot project will be limited to 10 families – in future we will look toward larger camps. We are also limiting this pilot to Early Years only – so it is open only to families who have children under 7. Assuming we go ahead with this project, we will let you all know the details when they have been settled upon! Do e-mail me at for details and feedback on this.
As of summer 2009 we would like to explore the possibility of further camps. Ideally we would have a number of farms in various parts of the country (and perhaps Canada) where Christopherus Family Camps and possibly even Homeschool Intensives would take place. Do you have a farm or know of one which might be suitable? Here are the ideal specifications:
* A mixed  (animals as well as market garden, fruit, arable crops) biodynamic or organic farm within 1 hour from a major city
* At least 1 large indoor all weather space which could hold all participants (could be a clean well lit barn or pole shed)
* Swimming, hiking and possibility of other seasonal activities
* Farmers to be familiar with Waldorf education
* A willingness to include families in farm activities which I would coordinate and at least initially direct
* Interest in holding camps several times a year so families could experience seasonal changes.
* Space to camp for up to 25 families. Possibility of winter camps.
As someone with over 25 years of mainly working on the land with children – on city farms, in Camphill, on our own farm, on an anthroposophical intentional community – I have abundant experience of planning, coordinating, supervising and undertaking such a project! Here’s a link to a few photos showing some of the work we used to do on our farm a number of years ago:  (that’s me in the red jacket squatting by the pig and in the grey jacket watching the child cover potatoes she’d planted – oh and I’m holding the chick but there’s not much there to see of me!!)
Paul and I are in the process of working out the core values which would inform such work. For now, we leave you with this vision:
* Dedication to working out of the healing impulse of Rudolf Steiner’s indications on the development of the human being, taking from established Waldorf Early Years Education, Waldorf Schools and Curative Education where necessary whilst also imbuing our work with a healthy dose of knowledge arising from our own unique experience.
* Belief that the new generation of children have challenges and tasks completely different from previous generations and that a new impulse, grounded in anthroposophy, needs to arise to meet today’s children. Work on the land, delayed academics, an utterly integrated approach which speaks to the whole child and an acknowledgement that the limitations of the classroom cannot meet the needs of all children, inform our work.

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