More on CA Homeschoolers Ruling

Just to follow up a bit on this…. this blog entry caused quite a flurry of discussion on my internet discussion forum. Many people were concerned about ramifications for their own states and there was also some concern about exactly what the CA ruling did or did not do. It seems that I was not 100% clear in what I wrote originally in my blog – I did not mean to imply that the judge in question made a new ruling. He did not. What I meant to point out was that he did bring forward or underline the fact that one can interpret the CA law to say that homeschoolijng is illegal. Prior to the case in question, homeschooling was (and perhaps will continue to be – it remains to be seen) a grey area. Most homeschoolers register through Charter schools or in one of a number of various ways.
The point of my blog entry was to highlight that the atmosphere toward homeschooling could be changing in CA – and that this has important implications for all of us. Despite the fact that Gov. Schwarteneggar has recently spoken in favor of homeschooling, I know from my work with Christopherus that charter schools in CA are, in many ways, less open to parents actually determining what their children’s educational needs are. And to me, that is what homeschooling is about.
All comments on this important issue are most welcome!

Posted on March 18, 2008 in News

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