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A few weeks ago, a woman named Kathi approached me and asked me what I thought if she set up a Christopherus yahoo group. She felt that though my subscription forum met a need, that there was a further need for parents to have another group to talk amongst themselves about their experiences of using our materials. I heartily agreed – the discussion forum is really a place where I can offer more in-depth support than would be possible on a yahoo group. Our discussion forum is a place to share our struggles toward personal growth, to have discussions about the deeper aspects of Waldorf education and anthroposophy and to also form relationships over time. It’s a place where I can be of service – and where the other experienced Waldorf homeschoolers who are the groups’ moderators are also available to lend their expertise.
This yahoo group could become more of a self-help group. And, to be frank, it’s also a place where homeschoolers can meet without me and say things like “why on earth did she say that” without concerns of offending me!! (smile and warm giggles!) And that’s good – everyone needs a variety of places to explore and to learn from and I am certainly not the be-all and end-all even with regard to my own materials!
So I am very grateful to Kathi for starting this new impulse.
I also think there is a need for this simply because there is a place for it amongst the other Waldorf homeschooling yahoo groups. The more the merrier, eh?
Here’s the link – I look forward to hearing about this group’s success!

Posted on September 26, 2008 in News

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