New 4th Gr Math Curriculum Ready

Our latest offering, Fourth Grade Mathematics, is now ready for pre order – and we expect to ship orders starting on 9th October. Follow the link to read a description and view sample pages as well as order the book.
We’re very excited about these new materials – we have incorporated 4 Key To workbooks into the curriculum as we feel these materials can blend well with a Waldorf approach.  Part of fourth grade math is work with measurement (building on from the hands-on measurement of 3rd grade) and we offer a metric option for those of you outside the US.
The book itself is full of specific math lessons, advice on how to teach, ideas for keeping one’s math active and alive (not always so easy with 10 year olds!), and how to work with both slower and faster students. We hope you will be as pleased with it as we are!
Next assignment: I have started working on our 4th grade Man & Animal book – but we are calling it The Human Being and the Animal World. Keep an eye here for more information on this book, on this main lesson and my thoughts as I have created this next addition to our Summer 2009 Fourth Grade Curriculum. The Human Being and the Animal World (doesn’t quite roll off the keyboard as quickly as Man & Animal!) should be ready around Christmas.
Those of you who have 5th graders who might have some gaps or are a bit behind might also wish to order this math curriculum.
Visit here to view an outline of our entire Christopherus math curriculum, from first through eight grade.

Posted on September 30, 2008 in News

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