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As Christopherus grows and as we expand our work, we intend to increase our offerings to you all. We are now launching a very small, very select range of books which we feel will complement and enrich every family, whether they are homeschooling or simply want to deepen their relationship to various aspects of Waldorf education and a nurturing homelife. These are books which I feel will have an enormous appeal to the community of Waldorf homeschoolers and parents which we, at Christopherus, serve. Our criteria for carrying books by other authors (whether they be Waldorf titles or not) is that the books are encouraging, practical, inspirational, beautiful and appeal to a wide audience. These are all books which I would have loved to have written myself!
Our first two titles are Cooking for the Love of the World: Awakening Our Spirituality through Cooking by Waldorf teacher, kindergarten teacher, biodynamic farmer and nutritional advisor, Anne-Marie Fryer Wilbott; and Painting in Waldorf Education by  Waldorf teachers Dick Bruin and Attie Lichthart.
Cooking for the Love of the World is a joyous celebration of the seasons through cooking – but more than that, it is a practical book of insight and exercises designed to deepen our relationship to the Earth through the foods which we cook. You can read about it here.
Painting in Waldorf Education is a very thorough practical guide to wet on wet watercolor painting and (despite the title) advanced drawing.It is not a beginner’s book, so those of you who are just starting out with drawing might want to get our Drawing with Your 4 to 11 Year Old  first. We do not have a painting book (although there is extensive instruction for this art in our curriculum) and so we suggest people get Painting in Waldorf Education, although some of the instruction is somewhat advanced. The book comes with a cd of the full color paintings. The drawing in this book is specifically for the older grades – but we feel that the instruction and topics covered will help all parents, including those with younger children. Have a look in our Bookstore here for more on this book and to order it.
The two next titles which will be joining these are Mitten Strings for God: Reflections for Mothers in a Hurry by Katrina Kenison and Hear the Voice of the Griot: A Guide to African Geography, History, and Culture by Betty Staley. As soon as they are available, we will tell you more about these two wonderful books!

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