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I am pleased to offer a book study beginning 5 January on the Waldorf at Home online forum. We will be reading the book  The First Seven Years: Physiology of Childhood by Edmond Schoorel.
Schoorel is a Dutch anthroposophical doctor who takes as his basis Steiner’s work on the threefold and fourfold human being. The book is not an easy read, but I hope that by being present to explain and elaborate on what we have read,  I will be able to make this study accessible to all who have a basic familiarity with what lies behind Waldorf education.
In order to prepare for this study, I strongly recommend that people first read The Education of the Child in the Light of Anthroposophy written by Steiner in 1909. I have hesitated to recommend this otherwise excellent introduction to the deeper aspects of Waldorf education because of an unfortunate phrase referring to “savages” as compared to Europeans. All I can say is that like other people of his time, Steiner had some unexamined thoughts or habits which we would now consider racist. But, if we can forgive Gandhi his attitudes toward Untouchables, I think we can forgive Steiner his blind spots as well – for surely, the overall worth of Steiner’s work is measured in its ability to take into account the largest pictures of the human race and, in particular, the developmental needs of all children, just as Gandhi’s message is universal.
So, do read this work first if you plan on joining our study so as to have some background!
Nancy Parsons of bob & nancy books will be offering a 10% discount on The First Seven Years to those who are joining the study. I anticipate that this study will take quite some time as there is a lot of territory to cover. The book is quite dense and in depth and I think that when we emerge, having undergone this shared study, we will all have a deeper appreciation for the importance of anthroposophical view of child development. I urge all of you to consider joining us! I am happy to have people join who only read, though I am sure that our discussions, as in the past, will be fruitful. I will figure out a way to divide up the study so that it is reasonably easy to follow.
Hope that many of you join us!

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  • Jacqueline benedikt says:

    Hello, I am a mom of a four year old that I made a terrible mistake with . At three years old we put her in a sport kindergarden. It is totally too much and I now learn that (early blooming ) is not the way to go. The decision was not entirely my own as her father was a big black belt man, and feels sport is very important. Can you please help with some advice or direction.
    Regards, Jacque

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