Extended Savings on Kinder Lyres

Our friend Raphael Weisman is extending his sale on lyres. Here’s his announcement:
 We still have a few cosmetic seconds of Kinder Lyres and kits and are offering a 10% discount on any instrument for the next few weeks while we still have inventory left.  Info: call 575 586 1712 toll free 877 273 8009
Many Blessings
Raphael Weisman
We strongly recommend parents get a kinder lyre for use with their young children. In second grade we recommend playing the lyre with one’s child as part of our curriculum. Here are more details about Raphael (including an article he wrote for our website) as well as general information about choosing a musical instrument for one’s child.

Posted on January 2, 2009 in Kindergarten (and pre-K), Waldorf Education

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