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So – after a bit of a break, I am back to blogging! Lots has happened since I last blogged – family changes amongst other things. We are on track with our new fourth grade curriculum – the entire work will be available this summer. Two components, The Human Being and the Animal World and Fourth Grade math are already available to purchase separately.
Following on from fourth will, of course, be fifth grade. We already have Botany available – we also plan to have another section available in the Fall, probably Ancient Mythology. Do keep an eye on this blog for details of new projects – or you can subscribe to our free monthly e-mail newsletter, the Homeschool Journey.
Another change that is happening is that we are improving and expanding our website. We will have a section for the Madonna Cloak Project, a project devoted to supporting mothers who stay at home with their children – or wish they could. In this economic climate, a major part of our work will be providing a forum where people can share about how they manage on one income! A number of you have contributed articles about your own journey home and the struggles and joys of being a stay at home mother in a culture which does not support this. More articles are very, very welcome and needed! Send to Many, many thanks to those who have contributed already – I will let you know when they are up on our website.
 Other additions to our website include a section supporting Waldorf initiatives in need of financial help, such as schools in Sierra Leone, Guatemala and the Pine Ridge Reservation here in the US. One wonders how such amazing initiatives will survive if and when the economic crisis deepens.
We will also have a section on homeschooling per se – and for this I need to appeal to you all for help. I need articles on why you chose to homeschool, how it’s been for your family. You can write practical “how I do it” articles; you can write musings about your experience; you can write about how you deal with family or outside pressures; you can write about the ups and downs. Articles on the transition home or how your children have always been home; how you found out about Waldorf education and/or Christopherus – how you transitioned from another form of education – all are most welcome.  You can also write about the practicalities of adhering to legal requirements whilst staying true to your educational beliefs. And as we serve an international audience, we would be most grateful for articles from people anywhere in the world. Please spend a moment thinking about a new homeschooler and what you could share with her that would be most helpful as she sets out on this new and exciting – and frightening! – journey with her family. Please help! Send to
Many thanks!

Posted on March 31, 2009 in News

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