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Those of you who have been long term followers of my blog know that we have a relationship with a very special emergent Waldorf project in Guatemala. Escuela Caracol is a small but brave fledgling Waldorf school which seeks to bring the riches of Waldorf education to an international group of children, including, of course, local children. This is no mean feat in Guatemala where very few children continue their educations for very long.
Escuela Caracol requested we help them with curriculum materials and so we gifted several of our publications to them. Here is their feedback after having used them for a couple of years:
For us at Escuela Caracol, the Christopherus curriculum materials have been fundamental guides for our teachers. They are filled with clear and practical indications that are easily adapted to a variety of contexts. Though written for homeschooling, the academic curriculum translates directly to most classroom situations, and the recommended activities are living and easy to put into practice in a classroom.  The general advice and pedagogical discussion is down-to-earth and exceedingly valuable in supporting and working with parents. When an idea or activity is not feasible in a classroom, it still serves as a great suggestion for follow-up at home and encourages parental involvement.  Donna Simmons has created a virtual treasure trove of curriculum materials that are a vital resource in any educational context.
More and more Waldorf schools, seeking an authentic Waldorf curriculum founded in years of experience in the classroom as well as out, are turning to our materials. This is exciting and the possibilities are intriguing!
Back to Escuela Caracol, this school is entirely dependent on donations and student sposorships to survive and to continue to bring Waldorf education to a very poor country. Please consider making a donation to them. Perhaps those of you in a homeschooling co-op could consider sponsoring a child?
Here is a link to our “Projects to Support” page on the Christopherus website where we give details of Escuela Caracol and several other noteworthy projects.

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