Second Grade Syllabus – newly updated & expanded!

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By Donna Simmons

After 9 years, it was time to freshen up and rewrite parts of our second grade syllabus. While continuing to feel happy about the lessons themselves, the flow of the year, and the choices I had made when I originally wrote the syllabus, there was quite a bit that needed updating and deepening to respond rightly to the changing needs of homeschooled children.

The most substantial changes have been more information about the importance of the artistic and craft elements of the curriculum. The therapeutic indications that Rudolf Steiner gave when speaking of the needs of children has amazed me again and again in their relevance for modern children– almost 100  years after his lectures and writing. In the 9 years since creating our Christopherus second grade curriculum I have seen that children need the healing arts of form drawing, handwork, painting and modeling ever more. I have written about why this is so and how one can understand and work with these arts to maximize their helpful potential for one’s children’s health and growth. This includes both pedagogical and methodological suggestions and explanations.

I have also extended the section on movement and play to include more about the increasing need for free unscheduled play and also to tackle some of the challenges that technology–particularly phones and computers –present. There is a new section on the legal situation of homeschooling and additions and substantial changes to the sections on handwriting, speech and music. I have given a preview of science in years to come, placing the lessons in second grade firmly in their rightful place as foundations for future science work as found in the progression of the Christopherus curriculum so that parents have more information on how what they do in second grade will be picked up again and developed in subsequent years.

Lisa Ashley, who has worked with Christopherus on various handwork projects including the Handwork section in our first grade syllabus, has rewritten much of the handwork section. There are further paintings and drawings and more step-by-step instructions for painting, modeling and drawing.

We have also updated out of date information and added bits and pieces here and there to bring the second grade curriculum into harmony with the curriculum as it develops throughout the grades.


Posted on May 7, 2017 in 2nd Grade

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