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Hello Parents of this Fall’s 9th Graders!

I am creating the first part of a prototype Christopherus high school program this Fall (2018) for 9th graders.

The program will focus on Language Arts and History and be a set program with assigned reading, recorded talks by me and back and forth individuated assignments for the students.

I do not want this to be a computer-based program and so so-called snail mail will also be used. My talks will be recorded on CDs – there will be some back and forth with the parent and a bit with the student using email but it will not form the basis of our working together.

I will only take about 12 students per semester for this work – eventually the materials we use will also be available for purchase by those homeschoolers not wishing to work with me – or those who would like to do so but who find that my class is full. Or who live outside the US and possibly Canada.

The program will only be open to folks in the US – if you are in Alaska or HI (or actually Canada for that matter) I might be open to this but there will have to be an additional charge for first class postage so we can keep to deadlines. This program will have specific opening and ending dates.

This is, in part because there will be times that I speak by phone with the student – there might also be times when I arrange conference calls for all the students to discuss our work or to give reports to the class. I want to use a conference call format and not the computer for that so I have some research to do on this (anyone who can suggest good conference call programs – not skype and not googlehangout- is warmly invited to do so!)

My goal is to offer, in 2 years time, 6-week residential programs for 11th and 12th graders in my home in WI – and those students working with me leading up to this will get priority as I will only take about 12 students for the residential programs.

At some point soon we will create a high school section of the Christopherus website and a full description of these various high school programs will be provided.

There are many more details of course (including costs) so do contact me for details! donna@christopherushomeschool.org

Posted on June 26, 2018 in High School

  • Seonaid says:

    My son is entering 12th grade this year, so it looks like he is to late in the cycle to be able to do your high school homeschool program or take advantage of Christopherus’s forthcoming high school curriculum materials (sadly, because if they are anything like your other materials, I know they will be great). Do you have any recommendations for other resources we could use for high school, especially for chemistry? I have searched every Waldorf website I can think of for a good chemistry book (with lab experiments), and while there are several good ones for middle school, I can find nothing for high school. My son is adamant that it be “real chemistry, with real chemical experiments, hands-on” (the exciting stuff like combustion, etc.) At this age there is an attraction to being responsible for handling things which are potentially dangerous. I am willing to go with that and buy chemicals and supplies from a chemistry supply company, but I do not have a chemistry course. What do you recommend?

    Also, if you have any ideas about other late high school resources, that would be great too.

  • Donna Simmons says:

    Hello Seonaid,

    I am hoping to soon create a section of my website devoted to Waldorf (or more likely, ‘Waldorf’) high school at home. For now, I have a sub forum on our discussion forum for questions, support and so on…could I ask that you join the forum and bring these really good questions there? Then not only can I help, but others might chime in as well – folks don’t seem to respond to my blog like they used to! Several years ago, when I was teaching at a somewhat Waldorf high school and my sons were part homeschooled, part in school, I wrote a number of blog posts about our experiences…including 9th/10th gr chemistry using a very good science lab kit …I can’t seem to find that particular post right now (we hid the high school section of my website when it started getting thin and when I wasn’t sure which direction I was going in)…I will try to find it…but I do wonder if you could join us on the forum so I can post it there?

  • Leslie says:

    Wow, this sounds fantastic! When will u be accepting your first set of kiddos? Do u know what the cost would be? Or if there is a payment plan so I can pre plan for the future of five kids? Since we get out (shorted) pfd in October, paying in larger sums then would be ideal. Living remotely I would need to make sure the communication however it is, can be done. We have better internet then cell, which is zilch!
    I love your families dedication. It helps give me that push to go forward. Which is esp hard since a pretty bad head injury two summers ago. This type of program would really help me also, not just my gaggle of kids. Thank you for your dedication

  • Donna Simmons says:

    The 9th grade classes for Fall 2018 are now full. If you subscribe to our newsletter (see homepage of the Christopherus website) you will find out about all upcoming classes. Thanks!

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