New Sixth Grade Syllabus

All being well, a new Christopherus Sixth Grade Syllabus should be ready early or mid June 2019. This is very exciting as it has been many years since I created a new syllabus! This is mainly because the stakes, as it were, are so much higher in the middle grades: the Waldorf curriculum is considerably more in-depth, and complex than the earlier grades. Indeed, this is why many Waldorf schools end at 5th grade and why more specialist teachers are required for grades 6, 7 and 8 to be as they are meant to be.

The Sixth Grade Syllabus will contain main lessons focused on physics and on earth science (these materials are actually available now); geography, math (including geometry and also business math); and two main lessons focused on Roman history and the early Middle Ages in Europe. This latter will also include a look at the rise of Islam and at the Silk Route.

Something exciting and new will be the creation of a CD of me telling stories and speaking about Roman history directly to you and your child. Each recording is about 30 minutes long and topics include ‘From Kings to Republic’, ‘Life in Ancient Rome’, ‘Julius Caesar’ and more. These talks are woven into the schedule of lessons and add to and complement what you yourself present.

Of course, it is entirely possible that you listen to these talks alone and then present the content directly to your child. Another possibility is that you and your child listen to the talks together and then discuss them (whilst revisiting lessons the following day). A third option is for your child to listen by himself and then to tell you what he heard the next day.

Other lessons included will be handwork, drawing, cooking and a long and very full section on language arts, taking the student into the wonderful world of composition and generally stretching him or her to excel in language arts.

There will also be a short main lesson focused on observing and honoring trees and working with wood, written by my son Gabriel. This follows on nicely from 5th grade botany and also picks up on the themeof preactical arts in the waldorf 6th grade curriculum.

The Syllabus will also include sections on teaching, parenting and background to the Waldorf sixth grade curriculum, as per usual. More details to come!

Posted on December 11, 2018 in 6th Grade

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