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[At the Atlanta conference] the material was awesome! The concepts and theory were integrated with practical application and instruction. I loved that not just school needs but relationship and development of whole self and whole family were also addressed… I feel so fulfilled and rejuvenated for my journey ahead as the educator of my children.

Diane Baetz,  GA

I was expecting [at the Atlanta  conference] much more repetition of things I already know yet I felt you went into depth further than I anticipated….You are such an amazing resource, truly a living example of thoughts warmed by the heart and activated through your sharing. Thank you!

Madrona, GA

I felt affirmed and supported by an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced mentor. Thank you, Donna.

Jenny, Georgia


First, I would like to send a huge THANK YOU. A few years ago you helped us through consultation. Our oldest daughter, Grace, now 8 1/2, was diagnosed with an Autism realm disorder called PDD. We felt strongly that her challenges were due to immunizations. You encouraged us to seek the help of a homeopath, which we did. You also encouraged us to have a peaceful homelife and to incorporate Waldorf philosophies into our homelife. Which we did. The healing Grace has experienced has been a wonderful blessing! I could to on and on! I recently met with a school psychologist who was reviewing Grace’s history and asking me about her current behavior. She just kept saying, “Interesting, kids don’t just get over autism”.


I often find myself remembering comments that you made during your workshop. Your understanding is reliable, sensible, and full of practical wisdom. Thank you for bringing it home for me. I know I have a mentor with whom to share this journey. Your charismatic, candid presentation offers reassurance and balance on the how’s and why’s of creating a Waldorf setting at home. May you return again and again.

Fondly, Stacy Hillegas

Thanks so much for traveling to The Woodlands and sharing your wisdom and experience with us. I have had trouble being flexible in my homeschooling and have felt that if I didn’t follow the curriculum my child was not getting the Waldorf influence I wanted for her. Its probably because much of Waldorf doesn’t come naturally to me. I don’t feel very creative, I’m still searching for my spiritual connection to this life, rhythm doesn’t come easily to me…
But the messages I found most valuable from your workshop are:

  • The character your child develops in her home and school life is so much more important than the content of her school lessons. (It will take a lot of work for me to remember that point and bring it into our daily living).
  • Duplicating a Waldorf school at home won’t work
  • Setting a mood for main lesson and stories etc is important. (We often rushed through work to get to the next thing that had to be done).

Julie Hartling

Donna Simmons was a great resource to me. I wish I could continue forever, but at some point we all have to venture out on our own! Donna has been prompt with her replies and always ready to answer my many, many questions. I am beginning to believe that I could do this without a ” boxed” Waldorf curriculum after having Donna’s help and reading her books. My son will be in 1st grade next year and I am anxiously awaiting her first grade book! We have a bit of a ‘special situation’ in our home as my 4th grader is bipolar. I wondered if Donna would be up to the challenge, and she was. She was willing to help me with behavior issues as well as school issues. And all her information was practical and she gave me ideas that could be put to use immediately! If I decide to do this without a boxed curriculum next year, I will definitely use Donna. I have used other consultants, but Donna was the most helpful and the most responsive.

KP, California

I just wanted to tell you that your workshop in Houston gave my teaching a soul. I had some ideas as to what Waldorf was all about. However, after getting the information you shared it is a part of me now. I understand on a soul level my job as their mother. Thank you.

In love and light,

Linda Didsbury

Every parent embarking on the homeschool journey should have a mentor, a guide who has traveled a similar path. I am heartened to know I have such a knowledgeable, wise guide who is just a phone call away. Thank you, Donna, for your support.

Copland Rudolph (Michigan)

Thank you so much for coming to Grand Junction, CO to discuss teaching and the Waldorf way. I was particularly impressed by your session on teaching science and the emphasis on observing the natural world. Observation is the key to truly understanding science and all that goes with it. Your method of honing the child’s powers of observation is the secret to spawning an awareness of science and can make interesting such mysteries as why rain falls and how that drop found its way into a cloud in the first place. I look forward to my kids learning math and science by such captivating means. Thank you and we hope to see you in Grand Junction again.

Travis Cox, Grand Junction, CO

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