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Child Development and Parenting Age 14 and up

Empathy and the Teen

The following is an excerpt from the magnificent book Loving the Stranger: Studies in Adolescence, Empathy and the Human Heart edited by Michael Luxford. This book comes out of the work of the Camphill Communities (curative communties where people of differing abilities live and work together – they arise out of Steiner’s work in the same way that Waldorf education is an expression of his work)… (Read more)

A look at the Teen Years (from Joyful Movement)

 The need for healthy movement does not of course end at age 14! As children -youth – move through the teen years, the need for nurturing the senses, being in balance and harmony, and using the body in a healthy way continues. But, as the teen years progress, the teen needs to take on more responsibility for her body and her health now that she is leaving childhood be­hind… (Read more)


DIY High School at Home

Classical Physics

For science this semester, we are focusing mainly on physics. For a number of years I have been aware of the Teaching Company, an organization which produces lecture series on every topic imaginable, delivered by hand-picked college professors. Many homeschoolers use these courses as part of their children’s high school educations, and I was eager to see what the lectures were like… (Read more)

Teaching Waldorf High School at Home

From Norse Myths to Beowulf

Now that I am teaching high school students (as I have been doing for the past 5 years) I often have the opportunity to see how material covered and experienced in the students when they were young reemerges later on. Most of my students have been former Waldorf school students – and of course those who were homeschooled or who went to the public school also show me many things about the results of particular educational methods in their earlier years… (Read more)

Mood and Main Lesson Material

Each year when the administrator at the Waldorf-ish high school where I teach part time asks me “when would work for you to teach your main lessons?” I like to sit a bit and think about what it is that I am teaching and how I can use the mood of the seasons to enhance the lessons… (Read more)

Taurus – Aries – Pisces: Three Stages in Culture

When teaching in the Upper School it is essential to have foremost in one’s mind the ‘latent’ questions that the students carry. These are questions which should be taken up within the fabric of the lesson, without them having to be vocalised. In adolescence they rise up from a relationship with the world that is undergoing turbulent transformation as the young persons find new faculties and feelings within themselves as well as viewing the world around them from a different perspective. The curriculum must provide a stable horizon against which these new forces can be measured but also accommodate and encourage change and creativity. (Read more)

Transitioning to High School

The Waldorf inspired curriculum at Christopherus is largely focused on grades 1-8, those years when a homeschooling parent is analogous to the class teacher in a Waldorf school. In high school, however, Waldorf schools focus on specialist teachers to work through the rich curriculum of grades 9-12. Christopherus does have some good high school recommendations for… (Read more)

A Freshman to Senior Timeline for High School Homeschoolers interested in College

I realize that there are few of you homeschoolers that are currently teaching high school, but since it is very much on my mind these days with my youngest daughter, I thought I would share a brief timeline that I follow for those important steps in the high school years… (Read more)



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