Botany 2nd Edition

Our fully-revised second edition gives you material to use to put together 4 Botany main lessons or a year’s study of this subject. This book provides all the guidance, lesson plans, activities, schedules and goals for your main lesson. It is lavishly illustrated with pictures from students’ Botany main lesson books to help you with your own drawings. Includes 9 full-page color illustrations. 

Q: Do I have to have a backyard to do botany?

Well, it would certainly help, both by making things easier and more meaningful if your child’s botany studies were based on the plants in his garden, but this is by no means crucial. I give many suggestions which city folks or suburbanites with limited greenery can use. A trip to the florist’s, a couple of window boxes, a terrarium, a visit to a botanical garden and trips to the park can all be used to create a very rich botany block.

Q: Is this book based on Northern plants and climates? I live in (the desert, on a mountain, by the beach, in Australia…)

Yes, it is, because that’s what I am familiar with and can therefore speak about with some authority. However, my main purpose in writing this study was to show people how they can design their own botany block based on their locality and, therefore, I believe this book will be of use to homeschoolers wherever they live. We live in Wisconsin, USA so we don’t have much seaweed at hand to study – but we can still talk about it and then focus more on the plants we do have! The same could be done by anyone, whether you’re surrounded by redwoods, palm trees, alpines or mangrove swamps.

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