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  • Five Things Every Waldorf Homeschooler Should Stop and Consider…

    Posted by Donna Simmons

    By Donna Simmons I think there must be times in every homeschooler’s life when she (or he) wishes that she could just put the children on the couch and freeze them there for a year or two while she catches…

  • A Book Journey-Chapter 4: Epiphany

    Posted by Amy

    A monthly book study by Amy McGehee-Lee Festivals of the Year: A Workbook for Re-enlivening the Christian Festive Cycle by Roger Druitt Epiphany We are filled with the light. It is time to shine! I began reading this chapter and…

  • Six Exercises for Basic Esoteric Development

    Posted by Christopherus

    Rudolf Steiner gave six exercises which are fundamental to his meditative work. No. 1 – The Control of Thought The first exercise has to do with the control of thinking. It is designed to keep our minds from wandering, to…

  • The Rhythms of Reverence in Homeschooling Daily Life

    Posted by Christopherus

    By Barbara Benson The Rhythms of Reverence in Homeschooling Daily Life Why is it important to instill a sense of reverence into our homeschooling daily life?  Reverence is a fundamental ” mood of the soul”, a sense of love and…

  • Unending Personal Development

    Posted by Christopherus

    There are three things which Rudolf Steiner said were necessary prerequisites for someone to be a Waldorf teacher: 1) knowledge of anthroposophical child development; 2) knowledge of the particular children in the class; and 3) a commitment to personal development….

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