Language Arts

  • My Story is Your Story, Your Story is My Story

    Posted by Donna Simmons

    Perhaps the most important aspects of anthroposophy, the foundation of Waldorf education, are its universalism on the one hand, and its utter respect for the individual on the other. The weaving between these two can seem like a paradox–but therein…

  • Second Grade Speech and Poetry

    Posted by Christopherus

    The following is an excerpt from our Christopherus Second Grade Syllabus, from the language arts section. I am very proud of our curriculum materials but I have to say that I am especially proud of the language arts section of all our…

  • Is She Ready to Read or Not?

    Posted by Christopherus

    Something that is very important to ponder is the difference between teaching a child who is not ready for something and allowing a strong impulse in a child to unfold. I would hope that no parent who is interested in…

  • Playing with Language

    Posted by Christopherus

    (This article first appeared in The Homeschool Journey, December 2003) I’d like to share a poem with you. I’d like you to read aloud the following poem (which many of you will probably know) and just relax into the words. For…

  • Speaking and Reading to Little Ones

    Posted by Christopherus

    (Here’s another reworked post of mine from my yahoo group, Waldorf_At_Home) In this thread I have not been saying that we shouldn’t talk to our children!! What I am saying is that there is balance needed – that parents who…

  • Reading Readiness

    Posted by Christopherus

    The following is from my yahoo discussion group – it is obviously part of a thread but I thought there is enough that might be of interest here to warrant re-printing it. My experience tells me to be even more…

  • Creating Good Readers

    Posted by Christopherus

    Another oldie but goodie which I have recently updated. Much of what follows forms the basis for how I approach language arts throughout our curriculum…so if you relate to what follows, you’ll love our curriculum! One of the most rewarding…

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