• Christopherus Homeschool Planner

    Posted by Christopherus

    For years homeschooling parents using our Christopherus Syllabi have been asking for a planner and now we have one for you. With the help of Barbara Benson, Christopherus’ Consultant, and Christopherus’ Homeschool Journey readers (Thank You!!!) , Amy McGehee-Lee, homeschooling mom…

  • The Journey Begins at Home: A Waldorf Early Years Guide

    Posted by Christopherus

    I am really please with the positive feedback I've been getting about the new and upcoming Early Years book we are creating! Just to remind you all…it is in ebook form so you need to either print it out yourselves…

  • Christopherus Curriculum: Update

    Posted by Christopherus

    I wrote the following for the February issue of our e-mail newsletter and realized that it would be good to share this information on the blog too! This is a progress report concerning the new Christopherus Curriculum. Second and Third…

  • Old Testament Materials Now !

    Posted by Christopherus

    They’re finished!! They’re – well, they’re not quite ready… they’re at the printers (mid January) but will be back and orders will be sent out the last week of January or the first week of February. So…. here is a…

  • More Details of Our New Curriculum

    Posted by Christopherus

    Well, I’ve been faithfully writing up a storm these last months, pulling together the new Christopherus second and third grade curricula so that they’ll be ready for you late spring/early summer. I have been enjoying myself immensely and have learned…

  • Old Testament Stories

    Posted by Christopherus

    As many of you know, we are putting out a full curriculum starting with second and third grades, this summer. And because we are as committed to serving those who want to create their own curricula and use either general…

  • Help with Second Grade

    Posted by Christopherus

    We are currently working on a full Waldorf-inspired homeschool curriculum for second grade: this will be available Summer 2008 (along with the third grade curriculum). So what to do if you’ve got a second grader in your family now?! Many…

  • Christopherus Full Gr 1 – 8 Curriculum

    Posted by Christopherus

    Announcement! Arising from the spirit of flexibility and practicality which characterizes Christopherus Homeschool Resources, our new full curriculum will be designed to suit both the homeschooler who wants a complete curriculum as well as those who wish to purchase pieces separately. Our…

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