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  • Candlemas

    Posted by Donna Simmons

    Here is a rather old post from – yikes!! – 10 years ago about the festival of Candlemas. I have been more focused on videos and talks than on my blog – I save my writing for the creation of…

  • Is Waldorf Education Christian?

    Posted by Christopherus

    by William Ward (Reprinted with kind permission of the author from Renewal, Vol. 10, No. 1, Spring-Summer 2001) Waldorf schools seek to cultivate positive human values of compassion, reverence for life, respect, cooperation, love of nature, interest in the world,…

  • Death in the family

    Posted by Christopherus

     The following was kindly written for me by my friend, Marianne Dietzel. Marianne lost her eldest child in a car accident in 1996 and has, along with her husband and two sons, been on a long journey of healing. One…

  • The Peace of Mary

    Posted by Christopherus

    This year for the first time I was able to participate in the celebration of Epiphany at my Church (The Christian Community – the Church inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner). I was privileged to participate in the most…

  • Review: Living into Dying

    Posted by Christopherus

    Every once in a while one reads a book which feels, from the first page through the last, as if one has been handed a great gift. One feels honored that the author has shared her story, has even bared…

  • Self Development as a Parent

    Posted by Christopherus

    Steiner said there were three absolutes which every teacher must undertake as part of his essential task of being a teacher: to understand child development; to strive to understand the particular children one is working with; and to work on…

  • Fantasy and Imagination

    Posted by Christopherus

    (the following was written in response to a question I received many years ago on my old yahoo group…)   When working with questions around the existence of fairies, I guess it all depends on how one views the world,…

  • Anthroposophy, Religion and Waldorf

    Posted by Christopherus

    (This was originally a message I posted on my yahoo discussion group, Waldorf_At_Home. It has been changed somewhat) Anthroposophy, while not a religion, is very helpful in spiritual striving. Anthroposophy means “wisdom of the human being” and it is also…

  • Religion Lessons

    Posted by Christopherus

    Religion lessons do not figure in the Main Lessons curriculum (there is a specific religion lessons curriculum – but to my knowledge, only a handful of schools in this country or in the UK use it) and the Old Testament,…

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