Chicago Conference 6 – 8 April 2018

As this spring marks Christopherus’ 15th birthday, we are especially pleased to have the opportunity to present a Christopherus homeschool conference. Donna had been so looking forward to the planned conferences in NC and in MD, meant to have taken place this Fall. But due to the upheavals at the Christopherus office, this was not possible. Hopefully this conference, in easy-to-reach Chicago, will at least in part make up for that disappointment for many of you.

As you can see by the program below, the weekend is mainly focused on grades 1 through 5. However, due to demand, Donna will also present two ‘pre-conference’ sessions on the Friday afternoon focused on grades 6,7 and 8. One does not need to have a child of that age to attend these sessions—all welcome! All the sessions (save the two specifically on grades 1 – 5) are geared toward parents of older children as well as to those with children in the lower grades.

The address for the venue is The Christian Community 2135 W Wilson Avenue, Chicago 60625. This is in a lovely part of town. The closest ‘el’ station is Damen, a 10-minute walk. Unfortunately, there is no church parking—one has to find a spot on the street.

Because of the Sunday service, we will have a very long Saturday and an abbreviated Sunday. There will be times available to have a 1 hour private consultation with Donna – but places are very limited so one would have to register right away to take advantage of this opportunity.

Friday 6 April 2018

1.30 – 3 pm Focus on grades 6 and 7

3.00 tea/snack

3.30 – 5 pm Focus on 8th grade with a look toward high school

5.30 optional supper ($7 – $12 suggested, payable on the day)

7 pm Meeting the Needs of Children in the 21 Century


Saturday 7 April 2018

7.30 light breakfast (included in conference fee)

8 am movement, song and a game to wake us up!

8.30 – 10.30 self-development as a parent

10.30 tea/coffee/snack

11.00 – 1 pm child development from birth – age 14

1 – 2 pm lunch (included with conference fee)

2 pm movement, a game and song to keep us going!

2.30 – 4pm keynotes for and highlights of gr 1 – 3 (depending on numbers, we might do a bit of form drawing and/or modeling)

4 pm tea/coffee/snack

4.30 – 6 pm keynotes for and highlights of gr 4 and 5 (could include some freehand geometry depending on numbers)

6 – 7.30 pm optional supper (suggested contribution $7 – $12)

7.30 – 9 pm The Anthroposophical Foundations of Waldorf Education


Sunday 8 April 2018

(late start due to church service to which all are welcome)

12 noon – 2 pm The Golden Rules of Waldorf Methodology

2 pm coffee/snack

2.30 song, movement and a game for us to round things off!

3.00 – 4.30 closing comments, conversation, questions…


Logistics and the Nitty-gritty

While Chicago is extremely easy to get to (we even had a conference participant from New Zealand at out last Chicago conference!) it is not an easy place in which to find inexpensive accommodation. But air b&b means that there are affordable possibilities. Please note that we cannot help you with accommodation….this is, unfortunately, something conference participants must arrange themselves.

The conference fee you pay includes a light breakfast and hearty lunch on Saturday. Both meals will be vegetarian with vegan options. There will also be the possibility for you to join us for dinner on Friday and Saturday for a small charge for each meal (suggested $7 – $12). Please indicate when you register whether you will be eating with us during those times so we know how much food to get!

Childcare….sigh…we know this makes it or breaks it for many…but it is simply beyond what we can do to organize proper childcare for this conference. The space is small and can get very crowded—we respectfully ask that you do not bring children to the conference. Hopefully in the not-so-distant future Christopherus will be able to provide a child friendly (even child-inclusive) conference. But that is not possible for this Chicago conference.

Samples of Christopherus curriculum materials will be on view and it is likely that curriculum materials will also be on sale during the conference thus saving people shipping!

Those who would like a 1 hour consultation with Donna need to book this right away when they pay. Spaces are very limited. Once you have paid, please contact Donna to arrange a time.

You will see on the registration form that there is a lot of space left for your input into this conference—Donna very much tries to tailor her workshops and conferences to the needs and interests of those actually present. This is what makes Christopherus conferences so unique and so special. So do take the opportunity to provide comments!

You will also see that there is not a set rate for the conference fee. Most of you know that Christopherus has been struggling financially—and many of you also struggle. Please choose the lower suggested fee if you need to. And please—help support both Christopherus and your fellow homeschoolers by paying a higher amount if you can.

Suggested conference fees for the weekend (Friday night talk through the end of Sunday, including light breakfast and lunch on Saturday) is $85 – $225.

The fee for the two sessions on the middle grades on Friday is $30.

A 1-hour private consultation with Donna is $50.

Once you register you will be emailed a link to paypal where you can pay.

Conference fees are refundable up to 48 hours before the conference.

And don’t worry –baring natural or man made disaster, this conference won’t be cancelled!



Fill out the form below to register.


Chicago Conference Registration

Thank you for taking the time to answer the following questions as this information will enable Donna to respond more clearly to the needs and wishes of the conference attendees.

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