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We are pleased to announce that Donna will be giving a Christopherus conference in Spring Valley NY the weekend of 9 August. This is a beginner’s conference, introducing people to important aspects of Waldorf education and how to work with this at home. The conference is mainly geared toward those Waldorf parents who have found themselves contemplating homeschooling in the face of having to remove their children from school due to new vaccination legislation. However, as the focus is mainly on working out of Waldorf pedagogy in the home, all homeschoolers interested in Christopherus’ approach are welcome.


This is a very last minute conference and as such there is no one to go to with questions. Donna is moving from WI to NY and will be on vacation until the day of the conference! People must be self organized! Thank you for understanding.
For logistical questions–housing, food, parking and so on–please contact


This conference might be followed by a grades conference in the Fall in Upstate NY or perhaps in Spring Valley.


Everyone who is interested in what Christopherus can offer to Waldorf homeschoolers is welcome to attend.


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No registration necessary–please just turn up–refer to logistical details doc

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