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Welcome to the Christopherus Discussion Forum! We hope you find this to be a supportive and friendly place. I, Donna, am the main admin and am supported by both fellow moderators and by dear friends of Christopherus, folks who are using our curriculum and are hoping to share their knowledge and experience with you. We do have a few rules, guidelines and requests:

      • Please support our work and the maintaining of this forum by making a donation – those who cannot afford more are welcome to contribute just a few dollars and those who can help ensure the sustainability of Christopherus are invited to give as much as they can.  Thank you!

    • This is a place for sharing of experience and wisdom – only respectful posts will be tolerated. Disagreement is fine, but it must not descend into abuse. No anti-Waldorf, anti-homeschooling or anti-Rudolf Steiner threads or posts will be allowed. Asking awkward questions is fine – flaming what this forum is based on is not.
    • This forum is a Christopherus forum – other curriculum providers and homeschool support people have their own forums and ways of cultivating their work. Let’s try to stick to  questions about and experience of Christopherus and of Waldorf and homeschooling. Again, there are many other places to discuss other forms of homeschooling, and also other places to discuss Waldorf schools.
    • Please do not post notices of events – contact me off-forum to ask permission
    • Similarly, while Waldorf teachers and curriculum providers are welcome, they are respectfully asked to join us out of their interest in Christopherus…and not to showcase their own work.
    • No selling, swapping or sharing of Christopherus or any other homeschool materials or curriculum is allowed here. Please respect the work of small businesses struggling to provide a service in difficult economic times!

    Here’s how to join:

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      • Announcements
        This is the place where I, Donna, can tell you about upcoming conferences, new publications, dates that the bookstore will be closed…and so on. One of the ways I  find a healthy relationship to screen use is to take breaks – so there will be times when I am not here. I hope everyone finds their own healthy way to use this forum.
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      • 1 year, 3 months ago

         Donna Simmons

      • Making it Work
        How to homeschool with 4 children? How to homeschool when my child has a learning disability? Can I homeschool if I am a single parent – or my partner works shifts? Questions about planning, schedules, compromise…the real nuts and bolts, real nitty gritty, is all welcome here!
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      • The Waldorf Home
        What is your home like? What supports and what works against the kind of family life you feel would be ideal? What’s it like where you are – in your part of the world, your city, you mountainside, your desert?
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      • 1 year, 1 month ago

         Donna Simmons

      • Living Consciously with Technology
        Dealing with screens, invasive technological advances, artificial intelligence and so on is a reality we all have to live with. Are we aware of how technology has affected us - are we conscious and conscientious in our use of technology – or are we asleep to its role in our lives? How do we find boundaries as adults – and where do we draw them in our families? Can we create sustainability through human relationships and not through screens…let’s use our screens to discuss this LOL!
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      • 12 months ago


      • Early Years
        The place to come to find support and advice about those tender and very important first years, from birth through age 6. From potty training to the problem of early learning; from what kind of sling to use to meeting the needs of a 6 year old, this is the place to come!
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      • Grades 1-5
        Find support and sharing of experience regarding children in grades 1 – 4, both in terms of education and parenting. Specific questions about Christopherus materials and more general questions and sharing are welcome.
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      • 4 months, 2 weeks ago


      • Grades 6 – 8
        Those tricky middle grades – here is a place to find support from other parents bravely trying to homeschool during these years. Curriculum advice, parenting, child development…come share your trials and triumphs.
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      • 7 months, 2 weeks ago


      • High School
        Are you brave enough to homeschool high school? Are you super brave enough to Waldorf homeschool high school? There are very few of you – I hope that this can grow to be a place of real support and shared experience.
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      • 11 months, 2 weeks ago

         Donna Simmons

      • Self Development as a Parent
        A safe place for members to discuss their own journey as parents, home educators and self aware human beings within the context of anthroposophy and Waldorf education.
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      • Study and Guests
        Here I (Donna) will lead various study topics, based on articles or other chosen materials. Threads will be closed to posting after the study concludes. This is also the place where, from time to time, I might invite guests to share and to take your questions and feedback.
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      • Anthroposophy
        Here's the place for in-depth discussion of the anthroposophical foundations of Waldorf education.
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