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Sometimes one just needs a bit of support as one makes one’s path through the challenges of homeschooling–and our three Christopherus homeschool helpers, Sabrina, Ginger and Amy, are willing to help. Before we reduced the size of the Christopherus office, we were able to provide this service–but no longer. Instead, our wonderful team of volunteers is here to assist.

Just as when one begins to learn to swim one often needs a ‘buddy,’ so it can  be a help to have a buddy when beginning to homeschool.

Please contact your chosen homeschool helper directly if you need a little help. Maybe you are still considering homeschooling or Waldorf and want to ask a few questions. Maybe you are wondering whether you are up to the task of homeschooling. Maybe you just need a little help to get started. Write a few lines about your situation and email one of our helpers (below) and she will contact you by email within 48 hours.

Please note that Amy, Ginger and Sabrina are volunteers, not paid Christopherus consultants. They express their own opinions out of their own experience–which might (should!) at times be at variance with what might be expressed by Donna Simmons–as all homeschoolers are different, this is how we think it should be.

Our volunteers cannot in any way help with medical or legal issues.

Ginger Fruncek

“I started on the Waldorf path many years ago after trying other educational models for my children. My eldest sons went to Tamarack Waldorf School in Milwaukee, WI. While they were still at that school, I gained employment at a Lifeways Center and decided to take the training to work professionally in early childhood education. Combining my education and personal interest, I began a forest kindergarten program at the Lifeways Center, where it was an immediate success among children, caregivers, and parents. After leaving that position, I began a Waldorf-inspired family childcare out of my home that became a small, thriving community for eight years. After an unexpected personal family tragedy, I closed Children’s Garden in May 2013 and, shortly after, moved with my husband and our four-year- old son to rural Vermont. Since his birth I thought we would send our son to a Waldorf school as soon as he was of age, but it turned out not to be an option for our family: the commute was too long, the expense was too great. Instead, I drew from my training and created a life that nurtures our son who is seven now. We are homeschooling third grade using the Christopherus program, which is the only curriculum that I feel worthy of fulfilling our educational needs.”

Contact Ginger at:

Amy Lee

Amy is a homeschooling mother of three. She writes the Daily Rhythms Planner as a companion for the Christopherus curriculum. Waldorf-inspired homeschooling and specifically using the Christopherus curriculum pulled her and her family in because of its gentle, developmentally sound, whole-child approach. Amy lives in the Osage hills of Oklahoma. She loves reading, woodworking, outdoor adventures, travel, and practicing yoga

Contact Amy at:

Sabrina Veninga

“My name is Sabrina Veninga. I live with my husband and our four children in British Columbia, Canada. My children are 14, 12, 10 and 5 years old (2017). We have always homeschooled. I found Waldorf back when my oldest was just a baby, I ordered Donna’s books and we began our journey. We have continued to use Christopherus throughout our homeschooling years.

We are blessed to homestead on a large acreage in the wilderness. Our daily life revolves around our ever growing number of animals. We currently have a milk cow, horses, pigs, goats, chickens and a Border Collie dog- to keep everyone in their place! In the house our pets include a rabbit, guinea pig and a snake. Our family spends a lot of time outside working on various projects. We strive to teach our children practical life skills.

Some of my favorite things are horseback riding, gardening, cheese making, yoga and handwork. I am happy to share, support and help others find ways to enjoy their homeschooling experience.”

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