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    Summer is coming to an end; we can feel Autumn in the air, and my usual homeschool planning ramps up to kick off after Labor Day. I’m just so humbled to see how none of this work could be done without Divine intervention. As I’m reading and figuring out the curriculum for 5th, 3rd, and 1st grade plus 2 other little ones, I realize it is simply impossible to get it all done. There simply isn’t enough time and resources for one person to do it all. So… I lay down and pray and feel that it will all be OK… just as all these years before. Don’t ask me how, but it all works out. I’m trying to keep at heart the essence of each grade for the child and his/her development and keep that as my guiding light this year. Somehow all the Math, L.Arts, etc etc will fall into place. No, we will not get to all the blocks. I just saw that. And we won’t do all the hand work and this and that. But we’ll keep the essence and my sanity 🙂 I’m trying to remember that the “home” part of homeschooling will make up for the lessons we missed. Can we share what works when handling a large family in homeschooling? What are your best practices? 🙂


    Donna Simmons

    Hi Alejandra, Responses will be a bit slow in coming…a lot of folks are still clinging on to summer mode I think!
    Just wanted to high light something you said ‘I realize it is simply impossible to get it all done.’ Absolutely!! Want to hear a (not secret) secret – I didn’t do half of what I’ve written in each year’s curriculum – and I only had 2 children! And here’s another not secret secret – no Waldorf teacher ever gets everything done that is ‘meant’ to be done for each year!
    If you step back and think about planting seeds which you come back to…and weaving back and forth between the grades…a 4th grader doesn’t get Norse myths but gets it a year later with a younger sibling….a child doesn’t get to crocheting until she can do it much later with two sibs…an older reads a book which is important to the curriculum but which you don’t have the time/energy to turn into a main lesson to his younger sibling…and so on.
    There are others on this forum with large families….I’m sure over time you’ll get more responses!



    The other day the only thing we did was needle felting. Each of my kids made a mushroom, then we did a couple of acorns, and then my girls decided they wanted to make “dolls.” It felt SO good! I also have 1st 3rd and 5th Waldorf aged and 2 yiingerz!



    Caitlyn, That sounds totally wonderfully perfect. I love Donna’s reminders. Good information to remember. I think you are right to remember the home part. You are doing awesome.

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