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    Im a Mum to two in the UK. My eldest is 14 and doing GCSES and we have worked with a Montessori curriculum since she was tiny with a small amount of Waldorf added in. My ten year old boy is actually why I am posting here. He has severe mitochondrial disease and very weak muscles and is finding much of the Montessori curriculum harder day by day especially as there are a lot of manipulatives. Our OT recommends something more gentle and suggested looking at a waldorf curriculum for him in more detail (we also need to be aware that there are big moves in the UK to tie homeschooling in with the National curriculum and I have to be aware of this) what thoughts and suggestions do you have?



    Donna Simmons

    Hi Rachel,
    Boy…not sure where to begin.I think you have a lot fo research ahead of you…and we have many free talks and videos on the Christopherus website to help:

    One of the talks there is about the therapeutic basis of Waldorf education–that could be helpful to you.
    There is also a talk on transitioning to Waldorf in our Bookstore–this is a talk that can be purchased. The page I link to here has a lot you might find useful and the page after has the specific talk about transitioning to Waldorf:

    Last, do consider our Joyful Movement which is a helpful guide to child development and has many,many practical ideas for healthy activities for any child:
    Maybe you could, for instance, watch some of those videos/listen to some of the talks and then return with some specific questions or thoughts? That would be great! I look forward to hearing more from you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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