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    Sue Ellen

    I would love to hear what your families are doing to celebrate the summer festivals that are coming up. My family is taking little steps into building our yearly festival rhythm and we’re hoping to start building some summer festival traditions this year.



    We like to do simple things. For example for summer solstice we have fire and burn our christmas tree, which we have saved since last the last christmas, I tell a suitable story, and we roast marshmallows.



    Hi Sue Ellen! We really like celebrating 4th of July. We go to the local parade, though my 9 year old son does not like parades so hubby and I switch off back and forth from the car so the others can enjoy it. I think it’s just too much stimulation and the sirens really upset him. Anyway, we’ll get special food and deserts and hubs will do some simple fireworks. We like to spend those kind of holidays at home. We do not do the late night firewokrs displays as I have just always felt that it’s too late in the night. Maybe when they’re older we can give it a try. For the summer solstice I really want to make sun bread this year! We don’t really have a tradition for that day, but my kids do like to countdown to the “real start” of summer.



    Kristin, We also ave a very slow 4th of July. the town parade, watching some music, sparklers, We have not intentionally saw the fireworks at night yet.( saw some once driving home late from an outing, on a stormy 4th. couldn’t believe the town was still lighting them) anyho, we also celebrate Grandma Joanie’s Birthday, She’ll be 88. And this year on the 4th, Oliver is in the choir for White Christmas the musical, so there’s that. Hope everyone is having an awesome beginning to their summer!??? I know we are.


    Donna Simmons

    One of my clearest 4th of July memories is trying to light some fireworks with our boys (legal in the Free Republic of Wisconsin) when they were about 11 and 13 but the mosquitoes were so thick we had to pull our jackets over our heads…not conducive to lighting fireworks! Other years’ highlights of the 4th was the annual ritual of tying daddy up and hurling 18th C type epithets at him and giving spirited renditions of Patrick Henry’s ‘Give me liberty or give me death’ speech (Daddy is British…)!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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