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    Hello, We have a pool at our apt. complex and my almost 4 year old loves the water and has no fear, but cannot swim yet. What are thoughts on swim lessons for safety reason. People are scaring me and asking me what would happen if she fell into the pool, and reminding me of all the children that drown each summer. Any suggestions or advice please? I feel like the pressure for swim lessons is overwhelming. Thank you!



    Hello Kerry,
    Pool safety of course is what one practices with their children. Never leaving them alone by water and generally being right there and present for our child in the water and poolside. With these things in mind, I found no need for swimming lessons until my children where about 6. Again, I was always in the water with them and never were they out of my eye sight around a body of water. If you feel in your heart that you and your daughter need swimming lessons or her on her own, follow what you feel is best. We can all only do what we feel is the best for our child/ren.



    Oh, thank you! I never trust myself enough. Maybe I will sign her up for 1 or 2 lessons and see if it worthwhile.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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