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    Donna Simmons

    Hi Amanda,

    Have you listened to the Christopherus audio download on therapeutic Waldorf? It’s here, with the other free downloads–you have to scroll down quite a way to get to it. Why not have a listen and then come back to one of the sub forums and we can see if we can help.https://www.christopherushomeschool.com/product-category/audio-downloads/free-recordings/

    And welcome!



    good morning, all! my name is effie, i’m an artist, tarot reader and a homeschooling mama of five children, ages 13, 12, 9, 6, and 2. we also care for my sister’s newborn a few times a week, so very busy bees!

    i’m here to find support for the older grades, but also to connect with like minded folks. i was acutely feeling the loneliness of choosing a “different” lifestyle yesterday afternoon (probably due to planetary influence, no doubt ;), and luckily came across this forum. we’ve been using bits of bobs of christopherus curriculum over the years, patching together our own approach to the waldorf curriculum and lifestyle. i am also keenly interested in anthroposophy and all manner of spiritual wisdom. mostly, i’m ready to learn more and to connect with kindred spirits!

    i suppose that’s all for now, i am off to learn about hummingbirds, fractions, and work on spanish lessons!

    wishing you all a warm and delightful day! <3


    Donna Simmons

    Thanks for introducing yourself, Effie! Enjoy those hummingbirds!



    Effie welcome, so happy you are here!



    Welcome Effie. So glad you found the forum. I hear you about feeling the loneliness, it’s so nice to have a forum to connect. I recently bought a set of Goddess Power oracle cards, love the guidance I’ve been receiving lately. : )



    I’m Hannah – my kids are 19 and 4 and we live in the UK. I’ve been home educating since 2007.


    Donna Simmons

    Welcome! I lived in the UK for many years–and in many different places (Sheffield, London, Edinburgh, Ringwood). Homeschooling in the UK is getting more and more difficult from what I could see when I was there last…make sure you check the Networking page on the Christopherus website for contacts:


    And anyone else reading here is also most warmly invited to send in a listing!



    Hi Hannah, welcome to the forum. : )

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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