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    We will not be able to do 4th grade Man and Animal Blocks and Norse Mythology Block, what do you amazing moms do in this case? Every year, there are lessons, projects, activities, etc we don’t do. However, this year it seems that we missed some very significant milestones in the child development/pedagogical connection. I feel we supported the development in our home life best we could. However, why do I feel a bit bittersweet he will miss these lessons? What do you do when there are entire blocks you didn’t do? How do you feel about that? Thank you 🙂



    We have missed blocks, projects, activities etc too. We have had unfinished handwork projects left in the closet for a couple years that we come back to and finish… And then there are the things that just don’t get done. It’s always a dilemma as to what to do. Often we have just read blocks like Norse Myth (since that was all the energy I had). It’s happened that we have combined blocks that my oldest had missed with my younger child that was currently doing said block. Life happens and you do the best you can. Finding ways to weave in lessons can be helpful. It’s beautiful when you can match the lessons to your children’s developmental stage but these stories are timeless they still have value even if they hear them at another age. The biggest thing that has help us get through blocks especially during upheaval is remembering that we don’t have to do it all. For example, I might think I would like to do all the projects, art work and plan out an amazing block but if we can’t make it happen all that I have planned feels like a waste. So I scale things back, often way back. I pick a few things maybe a painting, copying a poem and a project for the block and the rest is enjoying the story.
    And then, let it go! There is no use holding onto guilt that you haven’t done what you think you should have. lol Hope that makes sense. : )



    Hi everyone! As we’re preparing to start our new homeschool year, I wanted to give a feedback on my previous question in case someone else stumbles upon this dilemma. In looking at the 5th and 3rd grade curriculum, I am happy to report that missing the beloved blocks I wanted to do last year really isn’t a big deal. It was more important for us to get our summer rest and energy back. I know that the children have what they need to keep moving in the grades because the home part of our homeschooling is the best part. In the end, they did get those blocks because our home is a reflection of our Waldorf homeschooling. They were immersed in the animal world, specially this summer with all the camping. We didn’t formally do a block and I certainly didn’t “teach” in the summer, and that was even better. So…if anyone else, myself included, feels sad about missing parts of the curriculum, let it go. The kids are fine… and most importantly… mom is fine too! 🙂



    Thank you!! I totally agree. Thank you for sharing and inspiring others. This is why we homeschool, To do things our way. And yes, it can be hard, and yes it can mean, “we miss” something. AT the END of the day thou, we can be rest a sured because we know we’ve done our best. Our children are happy and healthy and learning. Blessings on your homeschool year. can’t wait for us all to share our new beginnings. 🙂

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