Homeschool Teacher Support Service


The Homeschool Teacher Support Service comprises an intimate year of working with Donna to improve, hone, clarify and enliven your ability to teach your child at home. The goal is for you to find your own way, with Donna’s help, to teach your child. It is not for Donna to be the teacher and you the mere conduit.

The year begins in August. It ends 1 June and there are two breaks when Donna does not work, one around Christmas and the other preceding Easter. If you are Muslim or Jewish (or of another religious tradition) arrangements can be made to accommodate your non-school time.

The first step is for you and Donna to arrange a One-hour Consultation to discuss your needs and whether the Homeschool Teacher Support Service is the right step for you and your child(ren). Please note Donna needs the questionnaire found on the page for the short consultations to be filled out and sent to her before your initial consultation. This will give her some background to your situation.

After the phone consultation, Donna needs the longer questionnaire to be filled out (she will send this to you after you have your One Hour Consultation if all seems to be progressing toward this Service). Once she receives this, she will let you know if she feels the Homeschool Teacher Support Service is the right fit.

Now it is time to pay and to also purchase any curriculum materials.


You then send Donna a package of work that your child has done in the past year. Please do not involve your child in this selection of work before the middle grades—she should only, in the earlier years, have the consciousness of you as her teacher. Anything else can actually undermine your central carrying role as the homeschool teacher.

The package should contain examples of her work: drawings, main lesson books, written work, form drawings, math—whatever is applicable depending on your child’s age. Donna will discuss this with you during the initial One-hour Consultation. It is important that this package contains original work—and as much uncorrected as possible. There is much to be learned from such work that is not conveyed by photos and scanned files.

Donna will then send the work back to you with extensive comments, suggestions, ideas and so on. This is discussed further in a subsequent telephone conversation.

And so the year continues—further work, however, might be sent as scanned attachments or photos. You and Donna can discuss what might work best. There will be times to speak on the phone and times to email.

Through this relationship Donna will help you look at what you are already doing with your child and give advice and feedback. She will help challenge and stretch you and support you as you figure out how best to teach and parent your child. Donna can help you feel and think into whether you are doing too much–or not enough.

It cannot be emphasized enough that there is no formula for this relationship–it will, necessarily, be different for each parent.

Donna will help, as required, with:

  • form drawing
  • handwriting
  • painting and other arts
  • drawing
  • projects
  • main lesson books
  • story telling and re-visiting of work
  • from about 6th gr a focus on writing
  • figuring out the different subjects and how they can be approached
  • helping you with teacher prep
  • and more!

In-depth discussion of the curriculum, pedagogical needs of your child; making your schedules, goals and lesson plans; and generally making it work can all feature as part of the year together.

This Service is for grades 1–8 (with possible exceptions–see below).

The Homeschool Teacher Support Service costs $1,300 plus $85 for the initial One-Hour Call. This is the cost for one child, grades 1—8.

Two children costs $2,000 (plus $85) and three children costs $2,700 (plus $85).  If you have more than three children, please contact Donna to discuss fees.

Fees do not include curriculum materials. Until 15 September, all fees (excluding $100 for the initial One-Hour Consultation and processing fees) can be refunded. After that, fees are not refundable. Fees do not include postage for things you send to Donna but do include postage for what she send back to you. This, however, is only so for the continental US–for clients in Alaska or Hawai’i or outside the USA, postage will be charged extra (and Priority used to keep things moving along).

For high school students,  an individual program can be created that will involve Donna working with the student and with the parent. Please email if you would like to explore this option.

For kindergarten, the Year-Long Family Support Service is probably the better option. However, if you feel the need to work more closely with Donna than that Service offers, please arrange a One-Hour Consultation to discuss your needs. If your second (or subsequent) child is a kindergartener or younger, we can figure out how to weave her in–and what to charge for this.

Please remember that giving medical or legal advice can in no way be a part of any service or consultation that Donna offers.

There is a strict limit to how many clients Donna will take per year—and, once again, the year begins in August and ends 1 June.


Please bear in mind that the Homeschool Teacher Support Service will be based on Christopherus materials–you need to have the grade’s syllabus and associated materials (like the Arthur Auer modeling book, like our form drawing book and so on) for this to work. This is about coaching you in your teaching–you need the curriculum material for us to ground that and to have practical focus for our discussion. Once you’ve read through the materials, we can then figure out how to approach them.

Please contact Donna by email and pay for a One-Hour Consultation to see what next steps to take.

Once Donna receives your payment and your email request, she will contact you to set up a time to talk.

If you and she decide to embark upon the Homeschool Teacher Support Service, she will send you a list of questions to answer and to enclose with the box of your child’s work or send as an email attachment.

These are the questions you will be sent if you and Donna decide to work together via the Homeschool Teacher Support Service. They are included here ONLY for reference–don’t work with them until you and Donna agree to the Homeschool Teacher Support Service!

These questions are a guide–feel free to fiddle about with them as necessary and to add more. Once Donna receives your box of student work, she will undoubtedly have further questions for you–possibly about your child or your approach to teaching or parenting or….whatever seems relevant.

Your name, address, phone and email; names and ages of your child; description of your family constellation; description of your home and homelife;  your relationship to Waldorf education, to homeschooling and to Christopherus; details about your child in terms of his/her strengths and challenges in her work; description of your strengths and challenges regarding your child’s work; what you need from Donna; what you feel confident and excited about; what fills you with dread….there will be further questions based on the answers that come from these!

Other consulting options:

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