Year-Long Family Support Service


For many homeschoolers, having an experienced and knowledgeable helper can be what turns a stressful situation into a fruitful one. As a Waldorf teacher, parent educator and homeschooling parent of many years, Donna is uniquely able to help parents navigate the challenges that homeschooling brings. The focus of the Year-Long Family Support Service is on empowering you to create the forms and practices to make your own particular homeschooling situation work.

By helping you stand back and look at your family, your situation, your strengths and challenges, Donna can help you figure out for yourself how best to proceed. Her emphasis is always on family—and whatever your family constellation, she can help you think through how to move forward.

The Year-Long Family Support Service can begin at any time of the year and is priced per family. Calls are on an ‘as needed’ basis with email support in between.

The Year-Long Family Service is of course tailored specifically to your family’s unique needs. Topics to explore together could include:

  • how to make family rhythms work
  • identifying and refining your strengths
  • clarifying what you can teach and do and what you might need to let go of
  • creating a realistic schedule and goals
  • balancing the needs of different members of the family
  • trouble-shooting problems areas
  • celebrating your family’s particular way of homeschooling
  • unsticking your stuckness (!!)

The Year-Long Family Support Service is not for those who require coaching for their teaching. While discussing curriculum and lessons can definitely be a part of this Service, those who require specific teaching and coaching from Donna need the Homeschool Teacher Support Service.

Here’s how applying for the Year-Long Family Support Service works:

  • Fill in the questionnaire for a One-Hour Consultation so we can discuss your needs
  • Pay the $85 one-hour consulting fee
  • Donna will send you the questionnaire for the Year-Long Support Service and a paypal button for $475
  • Once she has read through and considered what you have written and has received your payment, she will contact you to set up a call (please note Donna only uses the phone, not skype, zoom or any apps).
  • If you and Donna decide not to go ahead, your $85 will be payment for the conversation you had.

One Year-Long Support Service $475 (per family) (plus $85 initial One-Hour Consultation)

The fee for this Service is fully refundable for 1 month after the date payment is received. After that, there is no refund.

Please note that Donna cannot consult about medical or legal issues.

These are the questions you will be asked if you and Donna decide to go ahead with the Year-Long Family Support Service. We thought you might like to look at them as you consider whether to pursue this. Please do not answer them now!

Where you live; describe your home and homelife; describe your family constellation; what is your relationship to Waldorf education; what is your relationship to homeschooling; what is your relationship to Christopherus; tell a bit about each child; what supports your homeschooling; what is your biggest challenge in homeschooling; what do you hope from your year’s support for your family from Donna; anything else?

Other consulting options:

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Due to the chaos created by the global effects of COVID, Donna is unable to offer consulting right now.

Thank you.