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Can Anyone Help?

Good Test, Bad Test

Serious Threat to Homeschooling in California

The “S” Question (Socialization)

Mood and Main Lesson Material

Educating for Excellence

Hiring a Waldorf Teachersedona_geo7

Team Sports – What Age?

Planning for Next Year

Report from Informed Family Life Conference

Defending Oak Meadow

The Well Trained Mind and Waldorf

End of Year Wrap Up

Not School at Home

Working Together

Spelling and Composition

Homeschool Writing Group

Six Week Report

But Is It Waldorf?

To School and Back Home Again

How to Do It!

Summer Learningsedona003

The Joy of Learning

The Value of Silence

Cultivating Perseverance


Waldorf Curriculum

An Introduction to the 4th gr Man & Animal Block

Old Testament Stories Again?

From Norse Myths to Beowulf

Main Lesson Books: How and Why

An introduction to the 4th gr Man & Animal Block

Painting in Peace

Geography Through the Grades

Help with Painting

Understanding the Temperaments

Advice on Music Instruction

8th Grade World History

Save Steiner Schools Campaign (UK)

Old Testament Stories

Reading and Telling Stories

Review: Kingdom of Childhood

Thinking About Music Instruction

4th Grade Man and Animal Block

Original or Copied Work

Report: Waldorf Education and Social Renewal

What is Waldorf?

Review: Waldorf in the Home DVD – Watercolor Painting

Music Lessons

The Waldorf View of Teaching

Religion Lessons




Active and Therapeutic Education

A Wonderful Circle Time Resource

The Twelve Senses

Free: Recording on Therapeutic Waldorf

Form Drawing

To Correct or Not to Correct (Form Drawing)

Form Drawing with Older Children

Daena Ross DVD

Review: Autism – A Holistic Approach

Review: Working with Anxious, Nervous and Depressed Children

What is Eurythmy?

Review: The Out of Sync Child

Get Out of the House!



Kindergarten (and pre-K)

Is Childcare as Good as Mama-Care?

Revisiting Jean Liedloff and the Continuum Concept

Destructive Children Come to Play

When a Child Kills a Pet

A Question of Control

Helping Little Ones with Manners

Caring for a Cat

So How do You Manage All Day at Home?

From two to three – early ed and tinies

Review: Beyond the Rainbow Bridge

Speaking and Reading to Little Ones

Magazines for Little Children

Little Ones who Chatter

Early Learning



Older Children

A Follow Up to Teens and Texting

Empathy and Adolescents

A Home for Teens

Help with Physics

This Semester

Homeschool High School

A Teen Across America

High School World History

Handwork and Crafts for Older Children

Books for Teens

Last Year at Home

Friendly Teens

Maturation of Thought

Review: The Real Truth About Teens and Sex

Keeping One Step Ahead

Extending Play

TV for Teens

Texting and Teens

Protecting the Heart of the Home




Language Arts

Is She Ready to Read or Not?

Playing with Language

Composition – when?

Spelling and Composition

Reading Readiness

Creating Good Readers


Attention Scientists!

Upper Grades Chemistry

The Nature Institute

A Visit to the Science Museum

Family Life and Parenting

Drowning in Dialogue

A Job for Samuel

Imagination and Discipline


The Gesture of Giving and the Gesture of Taking

Dealing with Anger

Unending Personal Development

From Chaos to Form

Daddy Central

Steiner and Breastfeeding

A Bit of Benign Neglect

New Year’s Resolutions

A Change of Clothes

Birthday Loveliness

Self Development as a Parent

Isolation or Family?

One Step at a Time

Passive Learning

Helping Children When You Move House

Computers – When?

Review: Penni Sparks Parenting Resources

A Child Who Hits

A Lovely Day of Nothing

Discipline Questions


Sword and Gun Play

“Violent” Play

Rhythmic Play

Star Wars and Lego

Choosing Toys


Seasons and Festivals

Keeping Sane Over the Holidays

On Michaelmas


An Advent Reflection

Fall Festivals


Christmas with Older Children

Wonderful Halloween

Fall Festivals

January Activities

Non-Commercial Christmas

The Peace of Mary

Creating a Festival

Religion and Spirituality

Review: Living into Dying

Fantasy and Imagination

Anthroposophy, Religion, and Waldorf



Water Fluoridation

The Need to Be a Cling-On

Gardasil Warning


Let’s Hear it for Hats!

On Illness, Fear and Time

Practical Suggestions for Sick Children

Time to be Ill?


Children and Society

UN Treaty Threatens Homeschooling Freedoms

Boy Scout Commandos

Encouraging Inner Listening

Early Years Rant 3

Follow-up – Early Years Rant

Early Years Rant

Real Life Political Lessons

A Computer for an 11 Year Old?

Fourteen Year Old Beaten to Death

Supporting Family Farms

Museum Baby

Dependency – Appropriate and Inappropriate

School or Family?

Katrina’s Orphan

Government Gone Mad

Articles by Consultant Lisa Marshall

Lisa and Family Hit the Road

Autumn in New York


Articles by Consultant Barbara Benson

Autumn Field Trips

The Child and the Community

Other Authors

An Immediate Threat to our Food Supply

Curative Education- A Review

Review: A Warm and Gentle Welcome, a WECAN publication

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

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