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Your K Audio Is A Gem

Your K audio is a gem — I’ve listened to it twice and just love it. Thank you… It’s pretty much on anytime I’m on the computer. You have a lovely voice, by the way.

Thanks and thanks for coming up with this format. It’s really a treat to be able to learn from you this way!



Penny Egan

Your Kindergarten Talk Is A Very Good Supplement

I listened to your kindergarten talk this morning, twice, and now I want my husband to listen to it. I don’t know why I need to be continually reminded about creating rhythm in our day, and not to ask questions of my daughter (i.e. which shorts do you want to wear), and singing songs to ease transitions, etc. etc., but it seems that I do. I’ve been on this journey with you as guide for over a year now, and I am just continually learning and re-learning as I go deeper and deeper in.

This talk was just the thing that I needed to hear right now, and it is a very good supplement to the information I have gained on this list and in reading your Kindergarten with Your 3 to 6 Year Old and Joyful Movement books. I was also really struck by your words about the role of the mother in her children’s development. I feel very fortunate to have found you as a guide in our homeschooling process, and I trust you absolutely!

Also, it was such a pleasure to actually hear your voice, a first for me!



Lynda Perry

Kindergarten at Home

A picture of the Waldorf kindergarten and what we can do at home.

by Donna Simmons

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  • Format: Audio download
  • Product code: AUDIO7022

A picture of the Waldorf kindergarten and what we can do at home.

Topics include

  • imitation
  • activity and rhythm
  • transitions and discipline
  • mood and reverence
  • creative play
  • the 6-year-old kindergartener

Running time is approximately 1 hour.  Recorded in 2006.

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